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Magic Bullets Suck

I’ve really, really been enjoying the answers to our Question of the Week about whether or not we’d take a magic pill to be fit if it existed. And while I think both Susan and Karen have made the point that getting fit and being fit is more about the journey than the destination and I couldn’t agree more, I’m going to jump on my soapbox and take it a bit further. Not only would I not take the magic pill, but I’d burn the whole dang magic pill bottle in a fury of frustration!

The whole concept of the “silver bullet” or “magic pill” isn’t just a hypothetical question posed here on FBG; it’s a marketing fad used by many companies, “experts” and brands. And it’s BS. Getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to be hard per se — in fact, we have a whole book on how and why it shouldn’t be — but it does take some change. And that change is worth it.

Honestly, I’m just really, really, really (go ahead and add another 1,000 or so reallys there) sick of the scams. And the people of the world thinking that it takes something outside of themselves to get healthy. It doesn’t. That’s the lie. It’s all within you. People don’t succeed with diets or weight-loss drugs because they never work for the long-term. It’s not you; it’s them. Never forget that.

You don’t need a magic pill to be healthy; you just need to believe that you’re magic. That you’re so darn magical that unicorns look at you with envy. That can’t nobody stop your beauty or your desire to be your best. That the flashing number on the scale is just a silly number. Weight isn’t the same as health. And that each day you have the power to make decisions that support your love of yourself.


Let’s be honest: it’s hard to show yourself love when you’re sitting on the couch, popping magic pills and not out and living life. So if you’re tempted to buy into the magic-pill hype (it’s a multi-billion dollar industry!), I say to grab yourself by the Fit Bottom and get out there and LIVE. Go for a walk and look at the leaves on the trees and the gorgeous sky. Look at your loved ones in the eye and really listen to them. Cook yourself a healthy meal and taste the food, bite by bite. Push yourself in a workout and feel your muscles in motion. Screw focusing on weight-loss and instead focus on what makes you feel awesome.

Don’t check out. Check in.

I’ll now get off my soapbox and give the floor over to you guys. Anyone else have a strong opinion on this? Clearly, I have thoughts! Jenn

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