Susan’s Secret Fitness Superpowers

A few weeks ago we posed the questions: What’s your secret fitness superpower? And, what fitness superpower do you wish you had? Today, Susan tackles this heroic QOTW!


What’s your secret fitness superpower?

If I were a superhero, my name would be Hardhead. Though some people might view stubbornness as a fault, it’s worked to my enormous advantage as an endurance athlete.

I think all endurance athletes possess a superhuman amount of mulishness, actually. After all, we’re constantly told our endeavors are “crazy,” “ridiculous” or (my personal favorite) “impossible.” Without a megadose of tenacity coursing through our veins, most of us would quit before we even started. The rest of us would quit at mile 20 of a marathon or halfway through a sweltering, windy bike leg of an Ironman.

And yet … we don’t. We grit our teeth and stick it out, because endurance athletes know no other way than to do the impossible.

Sure, it’s no X-ray vision or Lasso of Truth, but as far as superpowers go, being stubborn is a good one to have.

What fitness superpower do you wish you had?

I would undergo a Wolverine-style Admantium injection if it meant I could do all the races I want to do! There’s just so many great events in so many amazing places, and (despite what my stubborn brain says) my body simply can’t do a marathon or Ironman every single day. Unfortunately, no such (legal) injection exists, so if anyone needs me, I’ll be planning a somewhat rational race calendar.

Are you a stubborn one, too? Let me hear from my fellow Hardheads! Susan


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  1. I wish I had a little more of your hard headedness. I generally don’t quit, but I also don’t necessarily stay in the pain cave for as long as you seem to like to!