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Having a Rough Day? Watch This

You know how sometimes, when you’re having a really low-down, no-good day, and then out of nowhere the universe seems to throw you exactly the right message at exactly the right time? Well, that happened to me when I came across this video of Lizzie Velasquez at the sixth-annual espnW Women + Sports Summit. The three-day conference brings together top sports industry leaders and pro female athletes to discuss advancing the agenda of women in sports.

I’ll spare you the cumbersome details, but let’s just say that I was tired, stressed, feeling overwhelmed and in serious need of a break. And, to be honest, I was doubting myself, a lot. I was feeling weak — and didn’t like it. So when Lizzie — someone who has taken having a rare disorder and turned it into a passion to help others — came on the stage and said this, it turned my day around.



We get so many messages (including from us here at FBG!) to be strong, stay strong. And strength inside and out is awesome — but this video was a great reminder, to me, and hopefully to you, too, now, that real and true strength doesn’t come from always having it together. It comes from being okay with your vulnerability and, as Lizzie says, even being grateful for those doubts.

If Lizzie can get out there on a stage and do what she does and even be thankful for the tough times, then I sure as heck can manage my (what now seems silly) to-do list. And I can see the stress and chaoticness as a chance to go deeper, to know myself better and embrace my weaknesses as strengths — authentically and fully.

Ever stumbled upon a message or talk that helped you out at just the right time? Sharing is caring! Jenn

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