Get Your Brooks Running Stride Signature (and Win a Pair of Shoes!)

running-740When you shop for running shoes, how do you narrow down your choices? You might have a go-to brand, and, of course, you should always try them on and make sure they feel good on your feet, but beyond that, do you know what type of shoe you should be running in? Short of going into a running specialty store and getting an evaluation from an expert, do you know how to figure it out?

One of the reasons we love being brand ambassadors for Brooks Running is because they’re always coming up with ways to help us all run a little happier, and their awesome Shoe Finder function — which helps those of us shopping from the comfort of our own homes figure out our Stride Signature — is a pretty brilliant way to do just that.

What’s the Brooks Running Shoe Finder?

First off, let’s talk a second about the Shoe Finder. Basically, it’s a quiz (and who doesn’t love a quiz? There was a reason I subscribed to Seventeen for years and years, and it wasn’t because of their stellar eyeliner advice) that takes you through all aspects of your running style. It guides you through your natural foot position, stability, joint flexibility, injury history, mileage and more before prompting you to select the kind of experience you want: Do you prefer to float above the ground with “more” shoe? And if so, would you prefer to be cushioned or energized? Or, rather than float, are you more interested in a lightweight shoe that allows you to feel the ground? If that’s the case, do you want to feel connected to the run, or would you like to be propelled?

So, the Shoe Finder guides you toward the shoes that best work with the way your body wants to run based on your Stride Signature (meaning the highly individual way your body best moves when running), but you still get to weigh in with your own preferences, which is pretty much exactly the way shopping for a new running shoe should go. Interestingly, my quiz didn’t guide me toward my beloved Ghosts at all — my suggestions were the Unisex Racer ST5, and after that, the Transcend 3. Who knew? (Besides Brooks, apparently.)

What’s the Deal With a Stride Signature?

Of course, you don’t have to take the Shoe Finder quiz to take advantage of their Stride Signature research (and, in fact, you can get the full, totally run-geeky scoop here — it’s a fascinating read if you’re into that sort of thing, which, clearly, I am). The whole idea behind Stride Signature is to optimize what is right about your run rather than try to “fix” what is wrong, because what’s wrong for one runner could be perfection for another. (Need proof? Watch the running form of the top 10 or 20 runners at any race and note how different they are, even if they’re all similarly speedy and healthy.) But, if you feel confident that you know how your body moves and you know what type of shoe you should run in, it’s simple to shop for shoes by experience: Cushion Me (soft and protective), Energize Me (responsive and springy), Connect Me (lightweight and flexible) or Propel Me (fast and built for speed).

Now that the informative portion of the lesson is out of control, let’s move along to the fun part: The giveaway!

Give It Away Now!

Want to win a pair of Transcend 3, Adrenaline GTS 16, Ravenna 7, Launch 3, PureCadence 5 or PureFlow 5? Take the Shoe Finder quiz and let us know your results in the comments. And we’d also love to know whether the shoe recommended for you is the one you would choose, too!

Transcend 3
Adrenaline GTS 16
Adrenaline GTS 16
Ravenna 7
Ravenna 7
Launch 3
Launch 3
PureCadence 5
PureCadence 5

We’ll select a random winner on March 1 and contact them via email and in the comments. U.S. only, please.

What’s your Stride Signature? Were you surprised by your results? —Kristen


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  1. I got the Launch 3. I wasn’t particularly surprised–I like lightweight, neutral shoes that feel a bit springy, and these seem similar to the Mizunos I’m using right now! I think that this is probably the one I’d have chosen on my own, and I’ll probably consider these when it’s time for a new pair!

  2. I got the Glycerin 13. I had the 12s and loved them! I’m in Sauconny’s right now, but would give the Glycerins another shot for sure.

  3. I got the Women’s Transcend 3. And I loved this quiz. Really made me think about what I needed from my shoe! I’m training for the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage Ultra team. Definitely needing to update my shoes!

  4. It chose the Women’s Glycerin 13 for me. I like cushion! I am liking that the Transcend 3 is for flat arches. I may have to choose that one. Awesome shoes!!

  5. The shoe finder recommended the Launch and I couldn’t agree more!! Right on track Brooks!!! Way to go!!

  6. I’m a women’s transcend 3. I love this shoe, so I am glad that was the outcome. I am just starting and transitioning from walker to runner, so I love the support.

  7. I got the Cascadia 11 and I would definitely pick those for a good trail option. Would love to give them a shot!

  8. I love the quiz I got the women’s Pure grit 4 and I think that is because I trail run and I would of picked Launch 3

  9. I got the Pure Flow 5. I’m running in the Brooks Ghost now and also had the Pure Flow 4’s so I’m looking forward to trying the update!

  10. Interesting shoe finder altho I don’t run but might be interested in a new walking shoe. Not a candidate for winning shoes as I am a Kristen Seymour family member but I did find a shoe I will check out.

  11. my results were CONNECTME
    Women’s PureGrit 4
    SOFT & FLEXIBLE shoes

    I would pick one of the shoes above.

  12. I got the Cascadia 11. Interesting since I ran in Glycerins for years and they weren’t even in my second choices!

  13. I got the Launch 3! Yeah, I have run in Brooks before and love running in them. The Launch are new for me, but I’ve tried them out before and loved them. I’m usually a Ghost kind of girl!

  14. I got the Launch 3. I have always worn the Glycerin but recently bought the Launch looking for a lighter feel. I absolutley love them because they still manage to have alot of stability.

  15. Stride Signature recommended Glycerin 13s for me. I tried a second time only changing my injury response and the results were the same. I’m running in an uber-cushioned Asics presently so I wasn’t surprised.

  16. I got the Adrenaline and it is what I would have chosen based on the description. I liked the quiz, the questions were easier to answer than those on the Runner’s World shoe finder.

  17. I got the Transcend 3. I have have the Adrenaline right now, but it would be cool to try the Transcend and compare! Fun quiz, too.

  18. Brooks Launch! I never would have picked them since I currently am in a stability shoe, but I will def try them out ASAP!

  19. The Women’s Transcend 3 was recommended for me. No, I’m not surprised, sounds like the perfect shoe for me and I love how it looks.

  20. I have run with the Glycerin for years, but now I’ll have to try the PureFlow! Gotta love running stores with a give ’em a run guarantee.

  21. The quiz told me Glycerin 13 and if that’s a choice, I would choose those since they seem really amazing and cute too!

  22. Launch 3!!! I love the cool designs and colors they come in. I might choose them too. That was a really good, detailed quiz.

  23. I have had a hard time finding shoes I like, I took the Brooks test just before Chriatmas. The recommendation was for the Ravenna, so I asked Santa Ana my parents and in-laws for Brooks for Christmas. The Ravenna are perfect! As are the Ghost. I love Brooks, and this site is the reason I tried them.

  24. I got Transcend 3 which are really pretty and look a lot like my Ghost 7s. Not sure how they compare on feel though. Love my brooks!

  25. I got the Unisex Racer…definitely surprised! I don’t think I would have ever gone looking for either unisex or racer shoes intentionally. Now I’ll have to check em out!