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What My Cycle and the Backstreet Boys Have in Common

Oh my God, I’m back again.


I’ve had this song in my head for days now, except the lyrics go a little something more along the lines of:

Oh my God, my cycle’s back again.

Yeah, the timing is off but whatever.

Followed closely by, “Return of the Mack,” as “Return of the Cycle.”


Again, it doesn’t exactly go but I DON’T CARE. Because, guys — breaking news — after a year-plus of breastfeeding, my cycle is finally back! And, while some people really enjoy not having a cycle or a period for a time, I am ready for it. It took us three years to conceive Gwen, and we’re both excited to start trying for baby no. 2.

Because, dude, I’m doing it — like Frank Sinatra — MY WAY. (The musical references just keep coming.)


(Apparently a “My Way” Frank Sintra GIF isn’t a hot commodity so this one will have to do. Also, Frank can go ahead and call me a tramp all he wants. If it gets me pregnant, I’ll do it.)

Unlike the three years of emotional (and sometimes even physical) hell that we went through before having our daughter, I’m vowing that this time will be different — better, no matter the timeline or outcome. I’m going to take everything I learned in those three years of “trying” and I’m going to grow from it. I’m going to trust my body and my intuition. I’m only going to work with health professionals that I feel 100 percent comfortable and uplifted by, if it comes to that. I’m not going to be afraid or feel like my body betrayed me. I’m going to respect my body for all of the amazing things it can do. I’m going to dream big. But, I’m going to let go of the timeline and the expectations.

I’ll share my journey (of course) as the months go by, but I am so excited and grateful to have a second go at this. No nerves or pressure — I’m just going to roll with it.

And with that, one more song reference for ya (sorry, no good Steve Winwood GIFs either) …

Anyone who struggled with baby no. 1 felt a shift when trying for baby no. 2? I just refuse to go back to those dark places no matter what happens. I’m taking my fertility back! —Jenn

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