Monday Giveaway: A Solé Bicycle!


Ain’t no party like an FBG party ’cause an FBG party has GIVEAWAYS! And today’s giveaway will have you geeking out. Big time. Say hello to the Ocean Front Walker (retails at $399). AKA OFW. She’s a beauty. And you can win her.

We have been in l-o-v-e with Solé Bicycles, and we are so psyched to be able to give one lucky U.S. reader one of its bikes. These bikes arrive 90 percent assembled, weigh only 26 pounds and can be either a cruise single-speed or in a fixed gear (your choice). The frame is guaranteed for life with a one-year warranty on all components. All of the bikes are designed in Venice Beach, Calif., and have that feel-good beachy vibe to them. If you’ve been wanting to ride a bike more to help you stay active and do less driving, this is your bike. And it’s beyond cute.



How to Enter to Win the OFW

Entering to win this bike is easy. All it takes is you sharing this link with someone (or someones) who might be interested in winning it, too. You can do it via social media, a text, an email, snail mail, yelling across the room … we don’t care how you do it. Just do it! Then leave a comment with who you told, and we’ll pick a random U.S. reader to win the OFW in about a week. The winner will be contacted via email and in the comments below.

A huge thanks to Solé Bicycles for the freakin’ amazing giveaway. AMAZING! —Jenn


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  1. I told my best friend and my sisters! We all love to ride bikes and hike together!

  2. I told my group chat of friends about it! So excited! Hopefully this bike will find a home with us on Fire Island! Love your blog!

  3. I told my co-workers and text my friends! I have been wanting a new bike to ride to and from work!!

  4. I shared with my mom, she already has a bike and rides often but I don’t and would love to. I’ve been asking for a new bike for so long, this would be great!

  5. I told my husband — because we’ve been dying to go on beach bike rides together, and he has a bike but I don’t!

  6. I shared it with my best friend Brenda, my daughter in law Cherry and my supervisor Mistyn, I lover both FBG and FBZ. I would love to win the bike so I can start biking to work instead of driving.

  7. I shared it with my mom! So we can take rides together in the summer for some mother-daughter time!

  8. I shared it on facebook. There are so many people who will be excited about this giveaway I couldn’t pick just one.

  9. I told my significant other…who was just looking at new bikes last weekend! Love beachy cruiser bikes.

  10. I told 2 of my best friend, Brittany and Stacy. They’re my bike crew! 🙂 Going on a bike ride to support a local charity that buys bikes for kids tomorrow! Love this bike! so cute!

  11. I’m sharing this with my mountain bike rider significant other who says I need a bike as well as all my active mom’s and friends via social media. So excited about having a chance to win this!!

  12. I told my son’s girlfriend about it! We have both been wanting a bicycle like this one!

  13. I just showed the picture of the bike to my bestie. She lives in Gainesville and I live in PCB. It would be awesome to let her know I won because I shared the news with her.

  14. I shared it via showing it to my best friend. we would love to have it and share it as well.

  15. I shared this with my daughter because I ride my bike to the beach every week and hope to get my daughter to join me!

  16. I shared with and told my fiance! We love biking down to the beach and hopefully now we can do it in style! Thanks, FBG!

  17. That is the cutest bike every. I WANT! I shared with my mom, sister, and friend Jessaca

  18. Love that bike! I shared it with my mom because I knew she’d like it too 🙂

  19. I’ve been wanting a bike!!! I shared the article link on Twitter because I can’t just tell 1 person of this awesome giveaway!! 😉


  20. I shared it on twitter because Twitter is a great way to share healthy and helpful info with those seeking it!

  21. I’m telling my coworkers and my mom friends xo love this particular giveaway!

  22. I shared with my daughters (ages 20 & 23) because I want them to learn the importance of health and fitness. My oldest recently got a beach cruiser and this would be perfect for my younger daughter to join her. Bonus, we all get to ride together and bond. Mother/daughter rides. 🙂

  23. I shared it with my sister who regularly vacations on Mackinac Island with her bike (they don’t allow cars) and would love this! Of course I would too, lol. Thanks for the chance!

  24. I told my sister. She has 5 kids, all under the age of 9 and all she wants to do is ride a bike with them, but she can’t afford a bike for herself because she gives everything she has to the kids.

  25. I just told 3 coworkers! They’re going to sign up as well! I need a bike so bad; my old one was stolen 2 years ago and I never replaced it!

  26. What a gorgeous bike. I know I’d look great riding it around Portland! Ya’ll are the best. I shared a link to this post on Twitter. 🙂

  27. Told my friend, who’s just getting into biking. would be super excited to win this bike!


  28. I shared with my mom…my dad is retired and an avid cyclist. Mom is about to retire as well and this could be an activity for them to do together!

  29. I told my 2 best friends, my sisters, and a couple of co-workers. I have been dying to get a new bike!

  30. Told my brother, my sister, and my mom – but I also told them if any of us was going to win it, it’s me! ADORABLE BIKE.

  31. I told my kids about it. We just bought my son a new bike so that he can get better at riding and we can all take rides together!?❤️

  32. I shared it with my sister and mom – they love to go on summer bike rides with me!

  33. I told my husband because he’s been bugging me to buy a new bike and this one is beautiful! I would love to cruise around town on this!

  34. What a great looking bike! I sent this to all of my Santa Monica friends that spend the weekend cruising the strand!

  35. I have been toying with the idea of finally getting on a bike again. This would definitely convince me! Shared with my husband!

  36. I told my friend Stephanie because I know she would love to go bike riding with me! I haven’t been in years, but I hear it’s just like riding a bike.

  37. I emailed my mom and sister and told them to enter! The bike is gorgeous, have my fingers crossed that I’ll be doing a ton of biking this summer 🙂

  38. Shared with my friend Sam–She’s been wanting me to get a bike for years now! We LOVE enjoying the outdoors together.

  39. I shared with Facebook friends! That bike is a beauty. I love to mountain bike so I have a love for bikes anyways.

  40. I will share this on Facebook and Twitter. Your articles and the women behind them are so inspirational! Thank you for all the motivation and education.

  41. Shared on Facebook! My daughter just learned and I don’t have a bike, would love to ride with her!

  42. I told my Mom! We’re working on getting fit together even though we’re 300+ miles apart!

  43. This is so awesome! If I don’t win in going to have to save up and buy one anyways! I told my sister, she’s in college and could use a way of getting around that’s not uber ?

  44. MY co-worker and my sister! A bunch of us at work are going to start meeting on weekends to do long bike rides together but i need a bike first. 🙂

  45. I told my best friend 1500 miles from me. We used to bike ride to Jones Beach on weekends when I lived on Long Island!

  46. I told my friend, Claire via text! I would love this bike – my middle name is Soledad (I use Sole for short)! It’s meant to be!

  47. I shared it with my sister in law! This would me amazing to win, thank you SO SO MUCH!!!

  48. Beautiful Bike. My reward for giving up the smoking and improving my near fatal cholesterol levels. All thanks to finally finding my fitspiration @ FBG. I have no internal motivation, fortunately I was able to borrow theirs. Feel good for the first time since 2011. Thank you!

  49. I told my sister! I’ve been trying to get her into riding, hopefully this will do it!

  50. I told my son Hunter. He is currently rehabbing a torn ACL, and rides his bike for therapy. I would love a need bike so I could accompany him on this journey.

  51. Super cute! Love the color combo – told a handful of lovely fellow bike riding ladies!

  52. I told my husband. He has been trying to get me to ride a bike so that we can go as a family

  53. I shared it with my 2 girlfriends and my 1 cousin. We all gained a little weight since last year and are joining workout classes together. We all want to do bike rides together to help with our weight loss journey

  54. I told my coworker about all the awesome giveaways.
    She loves fitness as much as I do so I told her about your sight too!

  55. I told my husband, my co-workers and my Facebook friends. I need a way to be active with hubby since he can’t run with me. I could join him on bike rides 🙂

  56. I posted on Facebook here *

  57. I’m sending this to my daughter. We want to do triathlon for my 50th ( it will be her 25th). We need to get in cycling shape!!!!

  58. Shared it with my bestie from the beach – figured living at the beach, the least we could do was ride a hometown creation at the beach….

  59. Our lucky winner of this amazing giveaway is … David with comment #170! Emailing you now!

    Thanks to all who entered — and thanks to Sole for this amazing prize!!!

    —FBG Jenn

  60. I shared with my daughter. I had my bike stolen last summer and have been missing it sooo much!