Awesome Running Facts That’ll Make You Want to Run Today

Just in case it being Global Running Day wasn’t motivating enough, we’ve got a super awesome infographic with running facts from Brooks Running that’ll put a little extra pep in your step — and motivate you to get out the door and run happy.

From what inspires runners most to how you take advantage of post-run endorphins to how many selfies you take before, during and after a run, Brooks fourth-annual Run Happy Report is just brimming with fun running facts. One of our faves? For nearly all runners (97 percent), running makes your day better. And 57 percent say they come up with their most creative ideas while pounding the pavement. I can’t tell you the number of posts I’ve practically written in my head while running, so I totally agree with that one. Check out all the running facts below!

2016 Run Happy Report & Fun Running Facts


What do you prefer after a run? Hot shower and a hot cup of coffee and I’m one happy camper. —Jenn


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