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Rock Those Tangled Locks


One of the very few things I love about winter is the fact that kids don’t manage to get nearly as filthy as they do during warm-weather days. Now that it’s warmer, we’re spending a lot of time outdoors. That means loads of sunscreen, lots of dirt, and sticky, sweaty kids at the end of the day. The days of skipping baths at night are over for the time being.

Daily bathing of three kids isn’t the easiest thing to fit into our evenings. Even when I throw them all in a bath together — which is getting harder as they’ve almost outgrown the tub — it’s a process. I’m barking orders and trying to get kids to learn how to wash themselves without my barking orders, and then all they want to do is play with their bath toys. Anything I can do to make the bed-and-bath process easier, I’ll take. So when Rock the Locks sent me its line of non-aerosol spray natural hair products for kids, I jumped at the chance.

The spray bottles are rugged and convenient — no need to worry about lids breaking or popping off and shampoo spilling (why does that always happen to me?). The Shampoo + Conditioner Spray is non-aerosol so it’s ozone friendly, and it’s made of natural ingredients — no sulfates or parabens — and is infused with organic ingredients and has a great fruity scent. The spray promotes even application, and it suds up great, which surprised me as it goes on just like a light spray. It gently cleanses and conditions hair and you can use just one hand to spray it. Anything I can do with one hand is awesome. The only thing I noticed was that when you spray, you’ve got to be really careful to avoid the inhale or open mouth as it’s easy to get a taste of the shampoo if you’re not paying attention. It can also be a little tricky to know how much is enough because you’re spraying it directly onto hair instead of pouring it into your hand. A little trial and error and it’s easy-peasy.


We also tried the Not So Knotty detangler spray in pineapple banana. The scent is also really fresh and fun, and it’s got all the same all-natural features as the shampoo. My oldest detests having her hair combed and detangled, and this definitely made it slightly more enjoyable. Again, you’ve gotta watch out for the open mouth if you don’t want a taste of the detangler spray. At $16 for 7 ounce bottles, both of these products aren’t the cheapest, but the spray form does help them last a really long time. This definitely gives my usual drugstore brand a run for its money — as in, it’s still work to detangle the hair, but it definitely helps!

The No Bizzy Frizzy anti-frizz spray($13 for 4 ounces) isn’t needed by my daughter’s fine frizz-free hair, so I tested it out on my own fly-aways. It left it sleek and smooth, and the formula didn’t weigh down my hair at all. The Sugar Cookie scent didn’t remind me of cookies but instead sunscreen — but it’s a really nice, sweet scent. Overall, I really like the line; they worked great, and the scents were fresh and fruity without being overpowering, meaning that moms who use their kids’ products won’t be embarrassed if someone gets a whiff of you at pickup.

Do you opt for more natural products for hair care?Erin


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