Gratitude Challenge Day 2: Meditate


When you’re rushing around with a million things to do, it can be easy to forget just how much there is to be grateful for. But, if you take as little as 8 minutes to slow down, breathe and just be, you can get some serious perspective on just how awesome it is to be alive. Which is exactly why we’re challenging you to meditate today with this feel-good exercise for day two of our gratitude challenge!

(First time hearing about our free 5-day gratitude challenge? Read this and find all of the daily challenges here — you can start the challenge at any time!)

Day 2 Gratitude Challenge: Meditate


This 8-minute meditation was originaly created by Alison over at Fit Bottomed Zen in celebration of FBG’s eighth birthday, but it’s seriously the perfect way to just get your om on, relax and feel grateful for just being alive. Watch the video below or get it here. Alison will guide you step by step through the whole awesome thing.

Don’t you feel more grateful already? We sure as heck do. Now go off and spread the good feels by sharing this post with someone you’re grateful for! Tag us (@FitBottomedGirl) so that we can get the good feels, too! —Jenn


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