Saturday Giveaway: Camelbak Prize Pack

Today’s giveaway (get ALL of our awesome giveaways here) is gonna make the hydration-happy among you positively drool, because we’ve got a prize pack of hot new goodies from Camelbak designed to cover your hydration needs from pre-workout to post!

First up, we have the Chute, which is a vacuum insulated stainless steel bottle that holds 20 ounces of your favorite beverage, keeping things cool for up to 24 hours (longer if you add ice!). And the high-flow spout is designed for chugging, so if you’re like me and tend to get THIRS-TAY when you’re working up a sweat, you’ll love taking a big ol’ swig from it. Plus, there’s no condensation on the outside of the bottle due to the double-walled design.

camelbak chute

Then, there’s the Ultra Handheld Chill, which features the first insulated soft flask on the market. I had a chance to run a tough nine-miler with it, and it’s really comfortable and lightweight to carry because of the elastic straps that basically just allow it to hang on your hand (even when your hand is completely relaxed), freeing you up to focus on your workout. It holds 500 ml of your chosen drink, plus it has a zipped pocket to stash keys, gels and cash.

camelbak handheld chill

Finally, let’s talk about the Kickbak Insulated Tumbler — so new it’s not even on the market until next month! This tumbler keeps beverages cold for 8 hours and hot for up to 4 hours, meaning it’s equally awesome for whatever you like to sip on after a workout, whether that’s your morning coffee or a rejuvenating protein drink. Like the Chute, it’s got a mix of stainless steel and a powder-coated paint job, which isn’t just for looks — it also offers a little better grip than stainless steel alone.

camelbak kickbak tumbler

Want to win these treats for yourself? All you need to do is comment below answering the following question: Are you a water drinker, or do you need to flavor it up in order to meet your hydration needs? We’ll pick a U.S. reader in about a week and notify him/her in the comments and directly via email. I have zero problem chugging water all. day. long. Hey, we’ve all got our talents, right? Kristen

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  1. I am a water drinker and have increased my intake this new year. We use a Zero water pitcher to help get rid of the impurities and bad tastes, but once in a while we add a squirt of flavor.

  2. I am always trying to find a good way to keep my water super cold. These look like a great way to do that.

  3. Just plain old H2O for me! Like it cold for working out and hot with a bit of lemon while I’m at my desk.

  4. I’m working on drinking more water, but sometimes a little lime or lemon juice is a nice addition!

  5. I have no problem chugging plain water all day long, but I also love to add some lemon and mint from time to time.

  6. I’m really great at drinking a ton of water until about 2 PM then I need to flavor it up to get the drinking up the rest of the day!

  7. I’m a bad water drinker. I can’t stand it so a little flavor is better. But I still don’t like it much.

  8. So many great products. I have no problem chugging water, too. Thankfully. My friends have such hard times, lol. I do love lemon in water though, too!

  9. I prefer to drink water cold and flavored with Simply Lemon Raspbberry Lemonade. Or Vitamin Water Lemon Zero!

  10. I started adding flavor to help get my water in. I drink it plain if bottled, but iced I like it with some no calorie flavor 😊

  11. I used to NEEEEEEEEEEED to flavor my water. I still don’t get as much as I should, but I’m much better as long as it room temp and chug-able!

  12. I’m totally about drinking just plain old water. I keep a bottle of water at my desk all day long everyday to drink throughout the day and at home. No flavors necessary for me. Love plain water.

  13. I’m a water drinker – it’s my favorite with a cucumber or chunk of frozen ginger in it, but any clean water is good water.

  14. I like to infuse my water with lemon, kiwi, or mint. A colorful water bottle always encourages me to drink water throughout the day and keeps me from buying bottled water.

  15. I personally have to mix flavored fizzy water with regular water so it has some taste. Somethimes I’m fine with regular water if I’m really thirsty or with meals but in between meals I need some flavor!

  16. I love plain water! But I also like to add a lemon slice to it on occasion or a good ol’ nuun!

  17. I love water! Besides green tea and an occasional seltzer water, plain water is the only thing I drink.

  18. I have a big problem getting in all my water, I’m a sipper, not a drinker. I try to flavor some of my water with fruit or tea to help me along

  19. I am a straight water drinker! I only go for additives when I’m on a 8+ mile run and need electrolytes.

  20. I am an avid water drinker. I tend to buy bottled water rather than investing in water bottles to cut down on pollution.

  21. The doctor just told me I have to drink 80 oz of water a day now… I’m already a water drinker but now that I have to drink so much, I need to find some ways to add flavor to meet my daily Intake requirements!

  22. All the water! I actually think a lot of flavored waters are weird tasting – I have a lot of straight water and, in the winter, herbal tea!

  23. I occasionally enjoy a flavored water – mint and/or cucumber are some of my fav selections – but usually drink water plain and natural ALL DAY!

  24. I have been a plain water person for years but after our NYE party – I put left over lemon and lime slices in my water last week. Game changer!

  25. I do a combo – plain water most of the day, but flavored with Mio in the afternoon for something sweet/change of flavor.

  26. I usually am pretty good about drinking water- I like it ice cold! Sometimes I like to add lemon or cucumber- or both together! Yum!

  27. I try to drink at least 16 cups of water a day, definitely more in the warmer months. I wish I could say I like it plain, but no. I do add Crystal Light, but I cut the amount in half so that it does have just a little bit of flavor to it. I do also drink green tea and have been adding apple cider vinegar to my water 2-3 times a day.

  28. I am a water drinker, but it took time and a trick to get me to that point. I actually leave an insulated cup at my desk while I’m working. Why? Because I instinctively go for something to drink, like coffee. After having my morning cup, the rest of the day and evening is water.
    I’ve tried flavored water. It’s okay for me, but I prefer it au naturel. 😉

  29. I am a water drinker! I like it cold, hot, and with or without fruit. I hope I win! The cups look amazing!

  30. I like unflavored water but have to push myself to drink more. I take it with me always so would love to win any of these!

  31. Plain water all the way! Except after hot yoga. I get terrible headaches after a hot yoga class if I don’t refuel with some Gatorade. Those mugs would be awesome for getting my ounces down!

  32. I’m working really hard toward drinking enough pure, unflavored water in a day. I know hydration will be crucial as my marathon training mileage ramps up.

  33. I LOVE sparkling water. No flavors, just bubbly water.
    But when I run, I drink still water, because I drink A LOT of water when I run, especially during the summer.

    wait, let me say water one more time.
    okay, done.

  34. I am a huge water drinker. I try to drink only water everyday. I sometimes flavor my water with a squeeze of lemon but that’s more for health then a need to improve the taste. I love ice cold water.

  35. In general I drink plain water, but I add an occasional squeeze of lime or lemon at restaurants and an ounce or two of tart cherry juice to soda water when I want some fizz.

  36. I like plain water and switch out with other beverages throughout the day, tea, coffee, etc!

  37. I like plain water , but I have to have my hot tea and that is the majority of my water consumption.

  38. Drink water, but should be drinking way more!!!! Flavoured is great. Sometimes I use my essential oils. Grapefruit and tangerine.

  39. I have no problem drinking non flavored water all day, I just have to keep it next to me so I remember to drink!!

  40. I struggle with staying hydrated. I do good in the am then around bedtime I realize I haven’t had water since breakfast.

  41. I like my water plain and cold most days. If I really am in a mood for something different, I’ll add some strawberries and mint to sweeten the water but that’s about it 🙂

  42. So many great entries for this one! The lucky winner is …

    Nicol Smith — #104

    Emailing you now, Nicol. Thanks!!

    —FBG Jenn