Thursday Giveaway: Massively Awesome Yoga Prize Pack

Vowed to stress less in the New Year? Girl, we have GOT you covered with today’s giveaway!

This prize pack is full of yoga goodies, including …

Alanna Zabel and Element Yoga DVDs


These three Element Yoga DVDs from Anchor Bay Entertainment — Element: Beginner Level Yoga for Toning, Flexibility & Stress Relief; Element: Cardio & Conditioning Yoga; and Element: Beginner Level Yoga — are some of our favorite yoga workouts, period. Featuring A-list instructor Alanna Zabel, these are perfect for those who may be new to yoga or already love it. Plus, they were each filmed in a tranquil garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean and are just so darn relaxing to even look at.

Yoga Goddess Tank


You will zen out over this tank. We are! Available in heather grey or mint (retail $48), it’s flowy and super soft with elongated armholes so that you can still show off those strong arms in down dog. The back of the tank features the number 13, which is known to symbolize Goddess, matching the number of lunar cycles per year. Comes in small, medium and large sizes.

Asana Yoga Doll


Say hello to Asana. Asana is a Yoga Girl (retail: $26.95) doll who loves to work out, practice yoga and have fun while doing it! Put her into your favorite pose or give to your kiddos to help encourage yoga at all ages. Created by Alanna Zabel, this doll is the world’s first yoga doll. Each doll includes a Pilates ball, two hand weights, a yoga mat and hair brush. Plus, 10 percent of profits from the sale of each Asana Doll benefit the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, dedicated to empowering children to develop lifelong healthy habits.

Total value of this yoga prize pack is $119.89!

How to Win It

Leave a comment telling us your favorite yoga pose or way to destress if you’re just getting into yoga, and we’ll pick a winner (U.S. only, please) in about a week and announce him/her in the comments and directly via email. Want a bonus entry? Tell someone else about this giveaway (via email, text, social media, whatevs) and leave a second comment with who you told.

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Guys, there is so much good stuff up for grabs here this week!

Is it just us, or is this the best New Year New Rear Week ever?!  Jenn


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  1. Just started a morning yoga routine, to stretch and wake up. Better than coffee most days…honest!

  2. Is it cheating to say I love “corpse pose” at the end of class? Sometimes being still and trying to tune out is harder than any crow pose or inversion!

  3. I’m still new to yoga, but excited to learn more. I like to destress with a cup of tea while working on a jigsaw puzzle!

  4. I love the half pigeon. I could stay in that position for an hour on each side. So great for runners and weight lifters alike.

  5. I am new to yoga (have been trying for the last 5 months or so) but it is a great way for me to focus my mind the night before a big exam, meeting at work, or WAY to relax during bouts of anxiety. Really is amazing how much it helps!!

  6. My favorite pose is a tie between wild thing and child’s pose! Although I hope to master crow in 2017 and be able to have a new favorite!

  7. Bālāsana (Child pose) & Halasana (Plow pose) are my favorite because they help my spine so much. 🙂

  8. I’m new to yoga, but I do love when I can get a good stretch in for my back. With the weight of my family (as well as other stress) on me, upward facing dog and cobra are my go to poses.

    As for destressing and unwinding, a good book with a cup of hot decaf tea in the evenings. I have my little corner where I can read, snuggled under my blanket next to the soft glow of a salt lamp.

  9. I’m addicted to crow pose. Some days I kill it and some days I don’t, but arm balances is a goal that I keep pursuing. However, when I really need to feel good and de-stress, it’s legs-up-the-wall for me.

  10. I do a few yoga poses throughout the day, and my favorite, hands down is downward-facing dog. I love the stretch through my legs and back!

  11. My favorite pose is a toss-up between pigeon (stretch out those tight hips after an intense elliptical workout!) or child’s pose (because it feels so great to my shoulders and back). I’m also a huge knitter and would totally prefer to spend the night in knitting and drinking tea than going out to a bar after a long week.

  12. I have been wanting to get into yoga, and these DVD’s would be a great way to try it out. Right now my favorite way to destress is a vanilla bubble bath with a good book.

  13. I’m new to yoga, basically just following 20 minute youtube posts, and haven’t done most of the poses. However, so far I really like the warrior poses. Even the name makes me feel strong and capable to take on anything, which helps me feel strength in other aspects of my life too!

  14. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off since I was about 8 (I’m 39 now). I’ve done the teacher training, I do the semi-wacky arm balances, but hands down, I love me some child’s pose the best. It’s great for stretching my shoulders, my hips, my neck and my back. Plus, it’s that fantastic all purpose pose; use it in the beginning of your class to work out some of the kinks, drop into it in the middle of class when you need a break, and relax into it towards the end of class when you’re well stretched and it feels as if you’re falling into a crib of your own making.

  15. My favorite yoga pose is the pigeon. I always have tight hips, especially the more I run, so this pose really helps to open them up.

  16. My favorite yoga poses are pigeon pose and thread the needle- anything to get a good, deep stretch and loosen up the spine. I also like a nice, hot bubble bath to de-stress. 🙂

  17. Favorite way to start my day is with Sun Salutation, especially on those cold rainy early mornings.

  18. Pigeon is my favorite pose, it not only helps to open my hips, it actually relaxes me too. Namaste.

  19. Down Dog…..brings me power and strength. I feel like the whole world is possible when I get into down dog.

  20. My favourite yoga pose is the dolphin. It twists my spine. My favorite way to relax is the do jigsaw puzzles.

  21. i love restorative yoga, it allows me to finally take an hour to myself where i can truly relax without having to worry.

  22. Just getting into yoga, but so far I love child’s pose. I love how calm and relaxed I feel after a session.

  23. Ive just recently found my love for yoga. I’ve always resisted it. I love the flexibility I have gained and how much stronger my core is. Ive gained muscle definition. I’m way more relaxed and I sleep better. This will be a part of my workout routine for the rest of my life. Two of my fav poses have to be tree and triangle

  24. My favorite pose is for Lower Back Pain : Cat Cow Yoga Pose

    I told my friend Victoria who always helps me with form with the yoga poses.

  25. My all time favorite yoga pose is called balancing stick because it teaches and lets me practice balancing and its fun! My other favorite is spider because it is a resting pose for me and it is a lot of fun, especially with my yoga friends!

  26. This yoga doll cracks me UP.

    My favorite yoga pose is matsyasana (fish pose). It’s an incredible hip opener, really opens your lungs and relieves tension in the shoulders and neck!

  27. I’m torn between pigeon and happy baby for favorite poses. Anything to help release tension from the hips and lower back are great in my book! I also like to run or crochet to destress as I find the repetitive motions soothing.

  28. I just started yoga as my new year routine, so far so good. Favorite pose so far is the Warrior 2, makes me feel strong. After a pretty tough 2016 featuring the end of a 6 year relationship and my first real heartbreak at 28, learning to relax and de-stress was been much needed. So far yoga has made a difference.

  29. I like dancer pose. It makes me feel strong, focused, elegant, and it opens those tight hip flexors from to much sitting!

  30. I’m getting back into yoga after a long hiatus. I have always enjoyed Pigeon Pose for it’s deep stretch capabilities. But it is hard to pick just one pose out of the many wonderful poses yoga offers us!

  31. My name is Grace and I am getting into yoga simply because I have reached a point in my life where I’ve realized putting myself first is OK.

    Being a college student is tough and constantly being between relationships only adds to an already stressful time, especially for a female. It was during this time that I finally understood that my health and self confidence is more important than what any lover may find in me. I don’t need anyone to make me happy and I am so grateful I discovered that truth.

    Simply put: It is a new year but I don’t want a new me. I love myself for who I am and am dedicated to improving my personal health to live the best life I can!

  32. My favorite yoga pose is the warrior 2. That pose make me feel strong & powerful. It tests my strength & coordination & balance but wow is it a great pose.

  33. I’m fairly new to yoga but so far I love the Sun Salutation flow and other standing poses. Yoga seemed like a great way to get moving again after completing a year of breast cancer treatments, in addition to using my treadmill. Thanks for the incredible giveaway! 🙂

  34. Love yoga! It helped me get through a pinched nerve last month. Thread the needle felt SO GOOD on my shoulder!

  35. My favorite yoga pose is Upward-facing Dog. I sit at a desk all day. After I’ve done it, I feel fabulous!

  36. My favorite is not actually a pose but I love sun salutations! Also, new to your blog and so inspired to kick 2017’s butt!

  37. I’m just beginning but I have always tried to work on my balance by doing tree pose. I’m not great at it but I still try.

  38. Essential oils are my absolute favorite way to destress. I love that part of the proceeds from each doll go to alliance for a healthier generation, so cool.

  39. While it’s simple, I love mountain pose, because it helps me to feel strong, grounded and connected to my roots. The pose allows me to be grateful, appreciate the art of yoga and most importantly in de-stressing and slowing a racing heart and breath – it lets me just breath.

  40. I’m not much of a yogi, but I’d like to be. Child’s pose after a long run or workout feels great!

  41. I have just started researching and learning abut yoga.It was recommended because it is low stress to the joints, but improves flexibility,focus, stress elimination and is a ‘weight bearing”exercise. I am in my 50s and am trying to work on “Me” now. Get healthier ,feel better and hopefully head off some genetic health issues. This would be a great help! ( and I had no idea there was cardio involved! Added bonus!)

  42. My favorite pose is stargazer or a modified side plank. Best stretch on earth. My favorite pose to teach is a high lunge because you can see everyone working super hard in that moment!