7 Reasons Why Having a Sick Toddler Is the Worst

One year old baby crying in bed with a teddy bear

After getting through the fall fairly unscathed from anything else besides a minor cold and stomach bug, my daughter’s childcare center and friends got hit HARD this winter. RSV … flu … all the puking … it’s like rounds of icky stuff just kept coming. We had a full two weeks of a fever, that became a cold, that became pneumonia and then went back to being a cold with an ear infection. No one was sleeping, no one was happy and everyone was miserable. It was pretty much the worst.

In case you’re in the same boat this winter, I thought it’d be fun to put together a few reasons why having a sick toddler is the absolute worst.


Because, hey, if you can’t laugh at it, it might just drive you mad.

7 Reasons Why Having a Sick Toddler Is the Worst

1. They can’t tell you what’s wrong. And that sh*t is heart-breaking.


2. And if they do, they might be using “alternative facts.” Does it hurt? Where does it hurt? Are you tired? Are you hungry? You try to get information out of them, but with toddlers — even when they’re not sick — “no” does not always mean “no.” It might mean “fox” or “elephant” or “nose” or “airplane.”


3. Everything is more difficult. Getting dressed …eating … being buckled in the carseat. It’s all just hard. So hard.


4. The paci/no paci situation. They, like, really want the paci, but doing so doesn’t allow them to breathe out of their mouths, so in and out it goes. And up they are all night.


5. You can’t do much to help them. Unlike us adults, besides fluids, rest (which, see above) and love, there’s not a whole lot you can give them for their basic symptoms. We used Maty’s Baby Chest Rub and Vapor Rub, which definitely helped (and Gwen loved — especially on her feet), but, man, I’ll be happy when she can have access to the full medicine cabinet.


6. You probably have to watch the same cartoon or movie 1,000 times. But, if it makes them feel better in the least, it’s worth it, right?


7. They’re extra snuggly. Okay, that’s not the worst. That’s actually the best.


Other moms: what’s the worst part of your little one being sick? Being sick when they’re sick? DOUBLE SUCK. —Jenn

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  1. Krystle says:

    The being snuggly thing is normally awesome. Unless you’re nursing a newborn while your sick toddler is trying to climb all over you while sneezing in your face and all over your newborn……ugh….when will this end?