A Nation of Dehydration?

If there’s one thing I always have with me, it’s my water bottle. Well, in addition to my keys, cell phone and diaper bag (because obviously). But a big ol’ water bottle is always by my side. I got into the habit of carrying one with me EVERYWHERE when I was breastfeeding (the thirst with breastfeeding is insane, right?) and just never stopped, even after Gwen was done nursing. I’ve found that — much like being hangry — you can get so thirsty that you get really irritable. At least I do. And ain’t nobody got time for that (or the ability to deal with irritability in addition to a toddler). So, whether it’s during a workout or simply buying too many things at Target, my agua is always right there with me.

I didn’t think that I was all that odd with my water-loving tendencies, but maybe I am in way more of the minority than I realized? According to this article and infographic from Waterlogic, 75 percent of all adults in America are chronically dehydrated — the second-highest percentage in the world next to Australia with 80 percent. Like, whoa, right? Check it out.


That bit about your heart not having to work as hard when it’s hydrated? Yeah, that one hit home with the recent events, too.

How much water do you get a day? I have a 32-ounce water bottle that I fill up at least four times … no joke! Jenn

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