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Videos That Are Inspiring Me to Sweat Right Now

You guys know how I love turning to social media when I need a little inspiration to get my butt in the gym, right? Well, it’s not always me asking my Facebook friends and Twitter contacts to help me out — sometimes people just share videos that make me think, “Okay, closing the computer and hitting the gym NOW.”

And these three videos are the most recent examples in my life.

First up, we have a Very Good Dog who (along with his person) probably trained really, really hard for this competition, and, well. Ever been totally into your superset and going hard as can be … and then realized you have no idea what to do next, or that you just did a completely different exercise than you were supposed to do? Ollie here knows that feeling. But his enthusiasm is contagious!

Providing me with a completely different form of motivation is Thor. Shirtless Thor. Sharing part of his workout with his trainer. If just watching it gets your heart racing, does that count as a warm-up? Asking for a Thor — I mean a friend! Asking for a friend.

And if you guys think I don’t have this whole routine DOWN PAT due to practicing it daily in my kitchen while I wait for my coffee to brew? All I have to say to that is PAT YO’ PANCAKE.

Kind of a mix, but they’re all inspiring in their own way, right? Which one has you ready to rock a workout? And also, who’s gonna dance to Shape of You with me? —Kristen

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