5 Tips to Make This Your Fittest and Most Feel-Good Summer Ever

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Summer has unofficially started, and, guys, we are PUMPED.

And it’s not just because summer means sunshine and pools (although, yes, it does mean those things and that’s awesome). It’s also because we are determined to have our fittest — and most feel-good — summer ever here on FBG.

Sure, we want to look good but, really, that’s just a byproduct of us working towards our own personal health goals and actually feeling good in our own skin, no matter what we’re wearing. So, with that in mind, we wanted to share the five ways we’re making this summer totally and absolutely fabulous.

1. Make peace with your body.

The best thing you can do for yourself this summer is to make peace with your body. Make a vow to love it and respect it, unconditionally. That means that if you’re craving some downtime, make plans to chill it on out. If you’re jonesing for a run, hit the pavement! If you want some chocolate, eat a Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe bar and enjoy every protein-rich, gluten-free bite!

Life is too short and we all have too many things to be grateful for to let our self-perceived “flaws” stop us from doing what we really want to do. And definitely — we repeat definitely — don’t allow your body shape or size stop you from wearing the swimsuit you want and doing the active things you want. This summer is about YOU BEING YOU!

2. Try a new outdoor workout.

Make some memories this summer by doing an outdoor workout or activity that you’ve never tried before. I had the chance to get on a stand-up paddleboard with Kristen recently and it was such a beautiful experience (not to mention a great workout!). When you’re out in the nature, you just notice stuff you wouldn’t otherwise. Whether it’s stillness, a cool-looking bird or simply a greater appreciation for what your body can handle (I had a pretty epic almost-fall-in-the-water moment and it was hilarious how hard I worked to not fall in the water), getting outside is good for the mind, body and soul.

So this summer, why not try something new like kayaking, skiing, hiking, SUP, trail running, kick ball, snorkeling or sand volleyball (the list goes on and on!)? Even taking your usual workout outdoors can be a fun change of pace. Try it!

3. Be prepared for anything.

And while you’re out during your new summer activity or workout, make sure you’re fully prepared for whatever happens. That means always having the right gear and carrying sunscreen, a first aid kit, water, your cell for emergencies and yummy protein, of course! We don’t go anywhere without our favorite Pure Protein bars! They’re so easy to throw into a beach bag or backpack, and they’re totally delicious, gluten-free and have 19-21  grams of protein per bar! Talk about a summertime staple.

4. Set a hydration goal.

With summer comes rising temps, you want to make sure you’re getting your H20 in on the reg. One of our favorite ways to do this is to take our water bottle with us pretty much EVERYWHERE. (Honestly, I wish I’d brought it on my SUP above!) An easy way to make sure you’re drinking enough water is to set a goal — say two to three liters, depending on how active you are and how hot it is. Then, figure out how many water bottles it’ll take to reach that goal. For each water bottle you have a goal to drink, put a hair-tie over the top of your water bottle. Then, as you guzzle them down and finish a water bottle, either put the hair-tie on your wrist or move it down to the bottom of the bottle. That way you always have a visual reminder of your goal and never lose track of how much awesome water you’ve had!

5. Push yourself … then recover like a boss.


Recovery is always important, but it’s even more important when you’re trying new things and challenging yourself with new activities. So, after each workout, be sure you’re fueling up with plenty of protein (again, we LOVE Pure Protein bars for this — so convenient), using that foam roller, drinking lots of water and getting your zzzs. It’s seriously the difference between having a great workout or a not-so-great one the next day.

Fit Bottomed line: this summer should be all about feeling healthy and good. A mix of exercise and nutrition is key to a body you feel great about, inside and out. And Pure Protein is a perfect protein-packed snack that will keep you on track in reaching all of your summer goals!

What new outdoor activity will you try this summer? —Jenn

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    I was actually looking for a new protein bar to try. So thanks for the suggestion 🙂

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      Great, Adrina! These are SO good!

      —FBG Jenn

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    To be fit in summers, its very important to keep the body hydrated and nourished.eat healthy, stick to your workout plans and be grateful to the tasks. are the basics to be fit in summers.

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    Thanks for sharing great blog i like it.

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    I’m wanting to be in the best shape of my life this year and these tips will certainly help. Thanks guys! 🙂