All the Veggies, None of the Work

The love we FBGs harbor for big ass salads is well-documented. Give us a big bowl of greens, some other veggies for texture, some protein, some healthy fat, and we are happy campers. Salads in a jar, double batches so we have leftovers to eat later, breakfast salads … we dig ’em all.
But they all have one downside in common.

Prep work. In real life, there’s no time lapse, and the prep can take some time. Not a ton — and it’s always, always worth it — but sometimes you just wanna grab a salad and get on with your life. You don’t want to wash. You don’t want to chop. You don’t want to get out any dishes, and you sure don’t want to clean them.
That’s when you need a grab and go salad … which is pretty much exactly what Eat Smart’s Salad Shake Ups are.

I know. I’m awfully jazzed about it, too.
You might already be familiar with the brand — I was, because I was a fan of their Superfood Salads (which make my salad eating far easier, but still require a dish and are not single servings). The Salad Shake Ups are a whole new world.
eat smart salad shake ups
Basically, they’re tasty single-serving salads (I particularly enjoyed the Tropical Lime with kale, dried fruit and quinoa) that come ready to eat — they’re in a bowl with a locking lid, include a fork, dressing, and keep any ingredients that need to avoid mixing separate until you toss ’em in the bowl, snap the lid back on and shake it all up.
And you might even be able to have it delivered to your home. Game. Changer.
What’s a healthy food product that’s made your life easier recently? —Kristen

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