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How to Discover Your Purpose

Have you figured out what you’re “supposed” to do? You know, that thing in life that you were born for?

Some people, such as artists, athletes or doctors, have always known what their thing was so they could start doing it at an early age. They were born with big passion and outstanding talent, and there was no mystery surrounding their purpose. It was obvious.

But not everyone is blessed with such extraordinary gifts. There’s a large lot of people who go through life with no idea what their purpose is. They may be on a mission to discover their mission, or they may feel burdened by moving through a life undirected, and with little meaning.

The people who get caught up in wanting to know their purpose in life are often looking for it in the wrong places. They’ve equated Purpose (with a capital P!) as this grand thing like climbing Mt. Everest that must be their life’s work. And they believe that anything that doesn’t require years of preparation isn’t purposeful.

While creating a life’s work is an example of someone’s purpose, the truth is that purpose doesn’t always show up as a grand masterpiece. Purpose is also found in the everyday, and often it sits right under our noses.

So smaller things such as making dinner for the kids, sharing stories on a blog, or showing someone how to knit a sweater are examples of a purpose if we encounter these moments with intention.

It’s about finding fulfillment in your life. And knowing instinctively what matters most so you can give your attention to that.

Instead of looking for a calling, why not go about your day and find meaning in your daily doings? Start to see your purpose in the little things as this adds up to create an entire life. Your purpose is to live as only you can, doing your best.

And when you do come across that thing you HAVE to do, let this compelling vision lead you to your life’s work, on purpose.

How do you integrate purpose into your life? —Elysha

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