3 Phrases That’ll Help You Break Free from the Comparison Trap

Comparison. Comparison. Comparison.

You probably already know that it’s the thief of joy (we love that quote), but how the heck do you break free from it when you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or you’re doing a workout and all the thoughts and feelings start popping up as to how you stack up against others be it in fitness, motherhood, your career or just life in general?

It’s darn near impossible to avoid, but when you start to feel that comparison trap ickness bubble up — and then your thoughts start to spiral down that no-good place — here are three go-to phrases to use to shift you to a more positive and self-compassionate place.

Because there’s only one awesome you, and sometimes you just need the awareness to see it … and then the tools to help you better embrace the you-know-what out of that fact.

1. Eyes on your own paper.


You know in school when your teacher would say, “Eyes on your own paper,” when you were taking a test? Well — pop quiz truth! — it’s not just a good rule to follow in school. When you reset your focus to what you can do and really embrace and stay within that, man, the comparison trap is so much easier to stay out of. When it comes to self-worth, focus on what’s in front of you in your own life and whether or not it’s working for you — not what’s going on in someone else’s.

2. Run your own race.


We can all learn from Forrest Gump on this one. He wasn’t running to break records or be better than someone else; he was just running because he wanted to. Embrace that. Don’t worry about what the other runners are doing (whether they’re actually, like, literally RUNNING next to you or just running through the motions of life); just do you, baby.

3. Stay in your lane. (And stay connected to your purpose.)


A lot of people say this phrase negatively (like: don’t talk about stuff you don’t know about), but that’s not what I’m advocating here (because that’s actually a pretty dick thing to say, right?). Instead, I take it — and use it — to mean: stay true to yourself. Only you know what lights you up and what feels right and good for you. Not for others — they don’t get a say in your soul’s work. “Stay in your lane” is a reminder to keep going down that true-to-you path, even if it feels like you’re the only one doing it.

No one can do you better than you. So do you!

Another great way to bust the comparison trap? By following these tips. —Jenn

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