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Getting Caught by Our 2-Year-Old

I recently shared my experience with sleeping in the same bed as my husband after having our second child. The following situation happened shortly after my husband and I reconvened. I’d like to remind you that we sleep in the same room as our 5-year-old and 2-year-old.

After over two years of not sleeping together, finally the night had arrived when I could sleep with my husband again … for good. Sleeping beside my husband has been wonderful. We’ve been late to get up in the morning every day since back in bed together. It has been comforting to have him to cuddle with, and it has also been a learning experience as we navigate bedtime intimacy with two children in the same room.

It was a Saturday morning — no school or work to get ready for — and my husband and I saw an opportunity to be intimate with each other. The kids were in the living room eating breakfast and watching television, so we went for it. My husband and I were having a good time when, “Daddy! Come here!” was heard from the living room. My husband went to the living room and made sure everything was okay. Everything was good, so he came back to bed and we continued our moment together. It wasn’t too long after that our daughter interrupted us again; she came to the room and began talking to us saying things neither I or my husband understood. I looked at our daughter as I tried finding the words to persuade her to leave the room, but all I could do was stare at her like a deer in headlights. I couldn’t think. I was having sex with my husband (a rare occasion during the day because of privacy) and we had been “caught” by our 2-year-old daughter. Our little intruder continued playing with our minds pretending like she was going to leave the room only to refuse to give us space. It is like she knew and just wanted to mess with us.

When the intruder finally left the room, she closed the door, and my husband and I got busy once again, wary of the amount of time we actually had. We were right in being cautious of time because our potty-training 2-year-old was diaperless, and once again from the living room, she let us know, “I have to go pee-pee!” I automatically replied with, “Okay mama, go sit on your toilet,” without checking if she had in order to somewhat focus on a few more minutes with my husband.

Shortly after, my husband and I finished our moment and my husband said, “Meanwhile, our daughter could be peeing all over our apartment” — a joking comment that got us out of bed as fast as lightning.

Have your children ever caught you having sex? What was that like? —Jasmin

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