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Podcast Ep 116: Fitness Expert Holly Perkins

Holly Perkins is a well-respected fitness expert who uses fitness to help her clients improve their emotional well-being.

Holly is really into gut health (wait until you hear her research on “fecal transplants!”) and how it correlates with depression and anxiety — and her passion for this topic is personal. After spending much of her life on and off different antidepressants along with therapy, she discovered that she had an allergy to grains and dairy. Turns out, that allergy was exacerbating her depression and anxiety symptoms, and by eliminating those items from her diet, she found herself functioning better than ever.

Holly loves strength training, and prefers straight sets, walking lunges, goblets squats using higher weight loads with little rest breaks. All of these exercises help with developing muscles and proper movement patterns and while reducing the risk of injury.

The self-professed champion sleeper, Holly gets plenty of rest (8 to 8 ½ hours); she believes this has helped with her mental and physical health. She not only offers up her favorite sleeping tips, but also shares tons of other helpful advice. She’s so smart, but wonderfully relatable. We just know you’ll love her like we do!

One of our favorite quotes from Holly:

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Podcast Episode 116 Highlights from Holly Perkins

  • Holly’s unique “outside-in” approach to health
  • The two different types of people who tend to come to her and how she coaches them differently
  • Her take on the importance of gut health, particularly for women
  • The foods that are always in her fridge — including beer
  • The workouts she’s loving (and the ones she’s not doing right now)
  • What her strength workouts are like and the old-school way she gets results
  • How she recommends developing “optimal mechanics”
  • How to know if you’re lifting heavy enough
  • The sleep experiment that changed her energy levels
  • Her morning ritual, and why it’s essential that she does it before she checks her phone
  • Plus, we talk about how we know Holly and if any of us can ever “veto” a topic!

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What do you think of her outside-in approach to fitness? —Margo

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