Walk at Work

Trek_office1 (1)We can all use more activity in our days, especially those of us (ahem: me) who have desk jobs and are parked in front of the computer screen day after day. Even though I’m training to run a marathon, I still feel sluggish sometimes at work just from the mere act of sitting all day.

And that’s why I want this: the TrekDesk. This puppy lets you work while you stand. If you hook it up over a treadmill, you can even work while you’re walking, probably at a slow pace so your boss doesn’t wonder what the heck you’re doing when you’re out of breath during a routine sales call. Unfortunately, the desk doesn’t come with a treadmill. (It’s like batteries, you have have to buy it separately.) So, I guess technically, I really want both the TrekDesk and a treadmill. Hear that Santa?

Check out the TrekDesk for yourself.


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