FBG146What We Do

Launched in May 2008 by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, the Fit Bottomed Girls website features multiple weekday posts with fresh fitness content for real women and girls (and even the guys) interested in increasing their health through physical activity and sensible eating. The blog offers workout DVD reviews—including both new releases and Retro Reviews—fitness news, new product information, personal accounts of their exercise endeavors, tidbits on healthy food, workout music suggestions and playlists, and fitness humor. The FBGs pride themselves on their honest reviews and aren’t afraid to tell it like it is.

In 2010, FBG added a sister site, Fit Bottomed Mamas, to its line-up to bring the FBG approach of fitness and a balanced, healthy lifestyle to pregnancy women, new mothers and families. In 2013, Fit Bottomed Eats was added to the FBG world as well, bringing fit foodies lots of recipes, blogs and nutritional info to eat right and love it! And in May 2014, Jenn and Erin wrote their first FBG-branded book: The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet, published by Random House. The book has received praise from the likes of the TODAY Show, Tony Horton, Fitness Magazine and was named one of the best health and fitness books of 2014 by Greatist. And in the beginning of 2015, Fit Bottomed Girls expanded in a new way, with longtime FBG contributing editor and writer Kristen Green Seymour coming on board as an official partner in the business.

The Fit Bottomed Girls’ Mission

We Fit Bottomed Girls are on a mission to show the people of this world that being healthy doesn’t have to be boring. We’re committed to creating content, products and events that inspire and empower women (and men!) to find the fun in fitness, ditch the diet drama and embrace their inner confidence to help them realize that, yes, they are worth taking care of. It’s not about having the perfect body, seeing a certain number on the scale or changing yourself into something you’re not. We’re here to help you find your healthy living jam and to love and to appreciate your fit bottom — no matter where you are on your journey. After all, FBGs come in all shapes and sizes!

How FBG Came To Be

Jenn and Erin met while they were both working for a magazine publishing company in the Kansas City area. They quickly noticed the big similarities in their lives: Both lived in Lawrence, Kansas, while their boyfriends were attending graduate school, and both endured a lengthy 50-minute commute. Once they became carpooling buddies, they realized that not only were they saving the planet one tank of gas at time, but they were also forming a fast and lasting friendship. Among dissecting all aspects of life, from reality TV to their existential crises, fitness was always a topic of conversation on those commutes. Health nut Jenn would keep Erin motivated when workout motivation was lacking, and the two would enjoy noon walks and Zumba classes together. It wasn’t until Erin sadly moved states away that the pair came up with the idea of a fitness blog—effectively marrying their love of fitness with their love of writing.

Just a couple of years after starting the site, Jenn attended a fitness event where she met Kristen, who lives in Florida and was then an editor at an AOL fitness blog. Jenn, Erin and Kristen realized they had a similar attitude when it came to the FBG mission (and awesome ‘80s and ‘90s tunes), and soon, Kristen became a regular contributor to FBG before officially joining the crew in 2015.