Do You Like to Sweat?


Credit: lululemon athletica

Notice, I didn’t ask if you like to work out. I asked if you like to sweat. Earlier this week, Jenn let us know that she doesn’t mind getting herself a little sweaty for a good cause—a good cause being a heart-pumping workout. I don’t mind a sweat either, as it serves as proof that I worked hard. How about you?

Can’t say that we feel sorry for you, rare flower. The rest of you can share your sweaty thoughts in the comments! —Erin


  1. hannah says

    I have started running at the park ealry in the morning with a friend of mine, and I turn red and sweat a ton while she isn’t even pink or flushed! I think its a little unfair, but that is genetics for you!

  2. Laura McClain says

    My true love? Salty face! Nothing like that salty ring around your face after sweating it out on a 15 – 20 mile run. I hate to wash it off – it’s like a medal of accomplishment.

  3. Betherann says

    I love to sweat, as long as I can shower and make myself presentable before heading back into polite company. I think sweat indicates a good workout, plus it feels physically cathartic, like my body is detoxing and sweating out any grossness that has accumulated.

  4. Cristal Rodriguez says

    I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I sweat, because it means I am pushing myself past my comfort zone and I just feel good when I sweat. I’m with Betherann, as long as I can shower its all good.

  5. Whitney says

    I sweat anytime I “work out”. Don’t know how/why. I will say, I know I am working hard when I am drenched. I think it’s in my genes!

  6. Kelie says

    I love sweating like crazy during a workout…but I HATE sweating while doing errands/shopping (which is all the time since the weather is hot all year round).

  7. MP Baldauf says

    I don’t mind sweating when I workout, but otherwise hate it! It is 95 degrees outside today – it’s going to be a hot summer!!

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