Do You Like to Sweat?

Credit: lululemon athletica

Notice, I didn’t ask if you like to work out. I asked if you like to sweat. Earlier this week, Jenn let us know that she doesn’t mind getting herself a little sweaty for a good cause—a good cause being a heart-pumping workout. I don’t mind a sweat either, as it serves as proof that I worked hard. How about you?

Can’t say that we feel sorry for you, rare flower. The rest of you can share your sweaty thoughts in the comments! —Erin


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  1. I have started running at the park ealry in the morning with a friend of mine, and I turn red and sweat a ton while she isn’t even pink or flushed! I think its a little unfair, but that is genetics for you!

  2. My true love? Salty face! Nothing like that salty ring around your face after sweating it out on a 15 – 20 mile run. I hate to wash it off – it’s like a medal of accomplishment.

  3. I love to sweat, as long as I can shower and make myself presentable before heading back into polite company. I think sweat indicates a good workout, plus it feels physically cathartic, like my body is detoxing and sweating out any grossness that has accumulated.

  4. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I sweat, because it means I am pushing myself past my comfort zone and I just feel good when I sweat. I’m with Betherann, as long as I can shower its all good.

  5. I sweat anytime I “work out”. Don’t know how/why. I will say, I know I am working hard when I am drenched. I think it’s in my genes!

  6. I love sweating like crazy during a workout…but I HATE sweating while doing errands/shopping (which is all the time since the weather is hot all year round).