Is Popcorn Healthy? An Expert Weighs In

popcorn calories

Credit: norwichnuts

I—and I think most people—generally think of popcorn as being a healthy snack. After all, it’s high in fiber and low in calories. Plus, it’s delicious with movies. But AOL Health contributor and nutritionist Victoria Stein recently took a closer look at one popular brand of popcorn that claims to be healthy. Read on for her expert opinion on what you should—and shouldn’t—eat when it comes to popcorn. You just might be surprised…and change what you put in your grocery cart next time you go food shopping!

The real-deal on how healthy popcorn really is.



  1. Arien says

    Isn’t there any easy solution? Buy non-microwave popcorn and pop it yourself. It’s totally customizable and delicious.

  2. Stephanie says

    Yep, and there’s also the 94% fat free microwaveable kind. Bottom line is the same as it ever was – you’ve got to read labels. All foods are not created equal!

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