Last Day to Pre-order FBG’s Motivational Necklaces at 20 Percent Off

Are you a strong, fierce or balanced FBG?

Just a friendly reminder that today is the final day to pre-order your FBG necklaces! By pre-ordering you can save 20 percent and are guaranteed to have them shipped by December 1 and in your fit little hands sooner than later.

As a refresher, we have two styles to choose from: the Straight-Up FBG Necklace and the Powered Up FBG Necklace (shown at left with the power word “Strong”). Both are made by Words to Sweat by (love them!) and feature hand-stamped layered discs with a Caribbean blue jade bead on a lightweight silver-plated necklace. I own one of each (of course!) and have been trading off which one I wear every day depending on how I feel. Some days, the simple reminder that I’m an FBG fuels me to make healthy choices and other days I feel like rocking my Powered Up “Strong Fit Bottomed Girl” necklace for extra pa-pow!

These necklaces officially launch on Monday, December 3, at $29.99 each. But by pre-ordering today, you can score a price of just $23.99. So don’t delay—shop here! They make a great gift to a friend working on her fitness—or to yourself for all of your hard work! —Jenn

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