Coconut Water: Do You Love It or Hate It?

We have to imagine that EVERYTHING tastes better with this view. Credit: Rodrigo_Soldon

We FBGs can agree on a lot of things: diet is a four-letter word, red wine is awesome and the scale is a lousy thing to be obsessed with. But the one thing we seem to be pretty well divided on? Coconut water. Who knew! On the scale of coconut-water love—with five being wanting to marry it and zero being wanting to eradicate it from the Earth completely—I’d put Kristen at a five, myself at a four, Tish at pretty indifferent with a three, and Erin at a zero. Maybe even a sub-zero. What about you?

As always, tell us more of your thoughts—including your favorite kinds of coconut water—in the comments. Go nuts, ladies! —Jenn  


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  1. I will have it every now and again as a treat but I’m very particular about it. I don’t like the sort with the chunks of coconut in it. I have this thing for textures and the bits floating in the liquid really turn me off.

  2. I like to mix it with protein powder for an after workout replenisher. It’s great for replacing those electrolytes…and mixed with chocolate protein powder, tastes like a Mounds bar! Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a Mounds bar, but I’ve got gullible taste buds!

  3. I also use it post workout with protein powder and simple carbs like dextrose to help with recovery. Not a fan of drinking it straight though. I have mixed it with coconut flavored protein which really enhanced the flavor 🙂

  4. I love it, but it’s not a staple in my diet. I would like to drink it more often, but when I take into consideration how much water I drink daily, I can’t seem to justify buying coconut water. I drank it when I was pregnant to stay hydrated, but not as much afterwards. I know it is great post-workout, but again my water makes so much more sense to me.

  5. I’m with you, Erin! I was excited to try it after hearing all the hippity-dippitys rave about it… the first swallow was so extraordinarily unpleasant that I thought it had spoiled. SO. GROSS.

  6. Despite its healthy properties, coconut water is a little expensive.

    Coconut oil provides so much more – especially healthy fats we don’t get enough of. You can also use it externally for loads of cures and treatments.