Holiday Fit Gift Guide: 7 Gifts for All the Techies in the House

Got a goal to give an awesome fit gift? Nike Fuelband to the rescue!

It’s Monday and you know what that means…another fit gift guide! You’ve already seen our six best fitness gifts and our fave fit foodie finds, and today we’re bringing you seven gifts that’ll get any fit geek just busting out of her suspenders in delight. And, okay, even if you don’t rock the suspenders, we think you’ll love these fit gifts that involve some darn cool technology!

Holiday Gift Guide: 7 Fit Gifts for Techies

1. Nike FuelBand. Nike’s FuelBand is pretty much like an awesome, more high-tech pedometer. Through a sports-tested accelerometer, it tracks daily activity such as running, walking, basketball, dancing, along with each step taken and calorie burned. It also tells the time of day. Users can set goals, synch it up to their cellies and social media channels and get to getting fit!

Best for: The fitness geek who likes to track each and every one of his or her fit moves.

Price: $200(ish)


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