Stuff This: 8 Healthy Stocking Stuffers to Give This Holiday Season

Hey, baby, what’s your sign?

Hey, you, stuff this! No, literally, stuff these fit goodies in your holiday stockings. Because the final installment of our fit-gift-guide series (check out our general picksgifts for healthy foodies, techie-loving presents and our beauty gift guide!) includes our top eight picks for healthy stocking stuffers! Love, love, love these…

Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Healthy Stocking Stuffers

1. Tara Wolf Zodiac and Chakra Bracelets. While we’re (of course) partial to our own line of jewelry, these fun bracelets caught our eyeballs. Crafted with a disc of .925 sterling silver or 24k gold vermeil covering and bound with a high quality, natural silk cord made in Germany, these are simple yet beautiful. Pick either a chakra to help you center or your zodiac sign for a fun reminder of your astrological sign. These are kind of like the mood rings of the current day…except they look super cute and don’t turn your finger green.

Best for: Your loved one who goes to yoga and checks her horoscope regularly.

Price: $89 to $139


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