Need Help Setting Your Next Running Goal? Answer These 8 Questions

Goal585Congratulations! You did it! You accomplished your running goal!

So…now what?

Whether you trained for a formal running goal (finishing a 5K race, for example), or set out to run 30 minutes without a walk break, the wave of elation that washes over you can make you feel invincible. In fact, you may feel so amazing that after eating your celebratory cookie, icing your knees and taking a looong shower, you’ll find yourself browsing race websites in search of your next challenge.

How do you decide what your next running goal will be? Answer these eight questions first…

How to Set Your Next Running Goal

1. How much do you like running? Let’s all be honest here—running isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people run a race to cross an item off their fitness bucket lists, then never run again. That’s perfectly okay. If you’re feeling like you should sign up for another race, yet you don’t really want to, then don’t sign up. Simple as that. Don’t try to force it. Instead, check out other fitness challenges—Masters swim groups, Pilates, mountain biking or yoga for example!


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