What’s Your Favorite Body Part to Work Out?

Like showing off those guns most? Especially against the boys? Credit: daniel arnold!
Like showing off those guns most? Especially against the boys? Credit: daniel arnold!

This week, we’ve covered hot classes in New York, cool fitness trends in the New Year and a review of an ab workout that delivers. And all of these different ways of working out seem to target different things: the hard-core classes and HIIT burns calories and builds strength in a short and intense amount of time, while an ab workout DVD definitely works the, well, abs. So we got to wondering: Do you like working a specific muscle group? And if so, which one is your fave to flex?

Now, tell us more in the comments: which moves you like to do and why! Would love to hear ’em! —Jenn


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  1. I get a little pick me up working the inner thigh on the abductor inductor machine. I am freakishly stong there from years of Synchronized swimming. So I like showing off and lifting the entire rack of weights. I got my butt handed to me one day when an older gentleman with a walker sat down at the machine beside me and started lifting the entire rack as well. He smiled at me and I just laughed.

  2. Definitely shoulders! I love the way they look once the blood has rushed to the muscle. That makes me feel strong and beautiful!

  3. Well, I’m no gal but I hope I can still comment..

    Personally I’m happy to train any body part, I have no preference, they’re all awesome! That being said, not that I prefer the exercise more than anything else, but training my shoulders/biceps makes them look awesome after they’ve been pumped with blood. So I guess I could say that they’re my favourite, but that’s not because I prefer training them, it’s just aesthetics 😉

  4. I voted abs, I always say you shouldnt do any other exercise until you’ve got a strong core – I was amazed how high arms scored, I’ve always thought women shy away from upper body work!