Nutrition Bar Head-to-Head Taste-Off: Barre Bars vs. Gnu Flavor & Fiber Bars


In our pursuit of being the ultimate guinea pigs for you, today we taste-test two new snack bars---Barre bars and Gnu Flavor & Fiber bars that boast uber nutrition and a delicious taste. Who will win? Read on for this bar-a-licious head-to-head competition... Barre Bars Barre workouts are …
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Raising the “Barre” and Dropping the Ego by Trying Something New

Tricep dips. Erika smiles through the burn.

After all these years, you've probably come to realize that even when I say I'm going to stick to a new schedule that, well, it doesn't last for too long. I've never really been one to get in a fitness rut. Give me a month or two's time, and I'll be trying this and scheduling that and generally, you …
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We Go to Butt School, Pop Physique’s Cardio Butt School (With Giveaway!)

cardio butt school

For obvious reasons, we like workouts that target the buttocks area. (Yes, I just said "buttocks" in all seriousness.) While your rump doesn't have to look a certain way to be considered "fit bottomed," it does have to get moving (with a lot of self love back behind it—pun fully intended!). And …
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5 Hot Workouts on the Horizon You Have to Try


There are some hot workouts headed our way that have exercise buffs everywhere excited for the direction fitness is heading. From taking your yoga practice airborne, to giving your connective tissues some love, to working the pole, the industry is coming out with new ways to improve your body …
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Xtend Barre: Lean & Chiseled


The barre workout DVD market has exploded lately. It seems like just about every week another ballet-inspired workout DVD comes to FBG HQ. This week? It was Xtend Barre's Lean & Chiseled DVD, which we popped in for a little bun burn. A mix of dance, Pilates and old-school standing legwork …
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Review: Tracey Mallett’s Total New Body (With a Giveaway!)


I'm stepping away from my usual postpartum mom-specific workout DVDs on Fit Bottomed Mamas to cover one of those kick-your-butt workouts that we all need from time to time—Tracey Mallett's The Booty Barre: Total New Body workout DVD. While I think it would likely give you a totally new body, it …
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The Bar Method Burns Like a Mother


You know which athletes are bad asses? Ballerinas. (Um, did you see Black Swan?) And you know what exercise professionals are ridiculously strong? Those who teach fusion ballet classes. Like those who teach The Bar Method. Read on for a three-part review on these workout DVDs that combine ballet bar …
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