WTF Is Cancer? And Why Does Everybody Have It?


Now that's one heck of a question, isn't it? We read that in our email inbox and thought, yeah, why does everyone have cancer it seems? Sure, we have a general idea of what cancer is, but I don't know a single person who doesn't know someone who has suffered with it, is dealing with it or has passed …
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FitLinks: Goodies That Help Fight Breast Cancer


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, today we're highlighting just a few of the oh-so many products that raise funds for a super good cause! Buy them for the boobies! You heard them. Go run for a good cause! —adidas Breast Cancer Awareness line Buy an Empowerment Bra and donate one at …
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Becoming Power 4 Pink with Patricia Friberg


For me, pink is one of those colors. I’m not quite sure if it’s the feminine hue or the way it complements my heavy lifting…ahem, giving me the “Yes, I am a woman, and, yes, I can lift that!” attitude, but nevertheless, it reminds me that I am strong, beautiful and can conquer the world—just what we …
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Meet Beefy, the Skateboarding Bulldog Who’s Stomping Out Breast Cancer


Prepare  yourself for just about the cutest thing ever: an English Bulldog who skateboards. And not only does Beefy (how great of a name is that for a bulldog? I mean really) do amazing doggie things on a skateboard, he is also doing it for a good cause. Beefy joined forces with B4BC (Boarding …
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