Four 10-Minute Workouts You’ll Love


Got 10 minutes? You can get in a workout! These 10-minute workouts come from the fit experts at Life Fitness, who make super rad exercise equipment for fitness facilities and homes worldwide.  10-Minute Workouts to Try Finding time for exercise isn't about your schedule; it’s about your …
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4 Tips to Commit to Being Fit


Want to make sure your New Year's resolutions make it past January? Ready to make fitness a habit and a priority not just a to-do that'll never get checked off? If so, we have the tips for you this New Year New Rear Week! These come from the fit experts at Life Fitness, who make super rad exercise …
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4 Dos and Don’ts for a Better Cardio Workout

Have a better cardio workout with these tips!

There's nothing worse than doing a cardio workout and not getting the most out of it because you weren't using the right form or weren't mixing things up enough. Or, worse, getting injured because you did something that put too much strain or stress here or there. This is why today we wanted to …
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3 Foam Roller Exercises to Try


We get a lot of questions about foam rollers: what are they, which one should I buy, what exercises can I do? So when we got these tips from Life Fitness with all that and more, we knew that we had to share them for New Year New Rear Week! So let's get rolling. Har har! Everything You Wanted to …
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Tips for Running in Cold Weather

tips for running in the cold

We may have our sights set on spring, but no matter how much I will warmer running weather to come my way, the mornings are still brrr-inducing. Guessing that I'm not alone in my running-in-the-cold reality, we thought we'd—with the help of the fitness experts at Life Fitness—share some easy tips …
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What Happens to Unused Muscle? Does It Turn into Fat?

unused muscle

We've heard a lot of readers ask—and read a lot of misinformation on the web—about the fate of unused muscle. Does unused muscle turn to fat? Does it just go away? Does it leave weaker or stronger than before? Well, we recently got this good info from the fitness experts at Life Fitness. Read on to …
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Interval Training and Endurance Training: What’s the Difference?

endurance training

This guest post on interval training and endurance training from the fitness experts at Life Fitness is a part of our second-annual New Year, New Rear Week to help you to be fitter, healthier and a touch (okay, a lot!) more awesome in 2012. Read all New Year, New Rear posts here! Many …
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How to Overcome 5 Fitness Fears

exercise fear

Want to get fit in 2012, but are scared to hit the gym or are reluctant to get moving? We hear ya. Even the nicest of health clubs can be intimidating at first, and starting any new endeavor can be anxiety-provoking, let alone one that gets you all sweaty. But don't let a little exercise fear stop …
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