Jillian Michaels Is Back With the New Killer Abs Workout DVD


Jillian Michaels is back! Not only back on The Biggest Loser (Woohoo!), but also back with another round of rockin’ DVDs. Killer Abs, which I know we all want---don’t lie---is her latest abdominal-crunching workout. As most of you probably know from The Biggest Loser, Jillian is one tough cookie. …
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A DVD to Bust Through Your Weight-Loss Plateau: Jackie Warner’s 30 Day Fast Start

jackie warner DVD

Man-oh-man we've reviewed some good strength workout DVDs lately! A few weeks ago it was Jillian Michaels' new workout DVD, and today it's Jackie Warner! We've long been Jackie Warner fans (heck, we've talked to her not once, not twice, but three times!) for her no-nonsense approach to fitness and …
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