Healthy Recipe: A Whole-Grain Salad With Carrots and Pomegranate


Looking for a side dish to take to that barbecue or wanting to make something healthy that's bright and flavorful but doesn't require a culinary degree? This recipe for Kamut Salad With Carrots and Pomegranate from the Ancient Grains for Modern Meals cookbook by Maria Speck, oughta do the trick! …
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Not Your Grandma’s Whole Grains: Easy Ways to Eat ‘Em


Today’s post on whole grains is part of FBG’s Back to Basics Week that features the best beginner fitness and beginner nutrition posts that help you to be a little healthier and—in theme with the week—a little smarter. Read on to learn how you can fit whole grains into your life with tips …
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The Whole Grain You Probably Haven’t Heard of But Should Totally Try


Lately, I've been bored with whole grains. Brown rice is great and all, but a girl can only eat so much. And, heck, even quinoa hasn't been doing it for me these days. I've been in a straight-up whole-grain funk. So when the Kamut people emailed us asking if we'd like to try their brand of khorasan …
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