FitWit: Kelly Ripa-s Anderson Cooper

When Kelly Ripa first came on the scene, she seemed a little too “perfect”—blonde, perky, tiny, yappy—and I wasn’t too sure about her. (I may have been a tad bit jealous, I’ll admit.) But, over the years, as she’s been Regis’ sidekick and held stints on TV and starred in commercials, she’s grown on me. She’s a mom, and she talks frankly about stress, her kids and her marriage. And although Ms. Ripa didn’t start working out until recently (gasp!), she’s now a poster child for the awesome things that fitness can do (look at those biceps!).

In the below video, Kelly shows off her new exercise moves to CNN anchor and Fit Bottomed Girls’ crush, Anderson Cooper. Cooper is clearly uncomfortable, which bums me out a bit (have some fun with it, Coop!), but Kelly is awesome. She could have another career on her hands. See what you think…

Isn’t it refreshing to see a celebrity that admits to eating light and working out? I mean come on! It takes hard work to look that good! —Jenn

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  1. did you see your mancrush (Im a MehmetOzGurl myself) on Kathy Griffins My Life On the D List last week?

    he was a smidge more comfortable there—but only a smidge 🙂


  2. oh jenn

    should you EVAH need tips on trash tv—-Im your gurl.


    we need to do a copost at MizFit on popculture cr** —that’s my first love

  3. oh yeah! i actually enjoy that type of working out! no lunges!!!

    so can this type of workout build muscle and tone? or do i still have to get out the ole weights?

  4. Mizfit–I’m a Bravo reality girl. I love Flipping Out or Workout. Erin’s more of the Bachelor/Bachlorette variety, although she tries to give it up each season.

    Tishy–It’ll tone, but weights are great, yo! 🙂 No mo lunges for you! lol.

  5. I too am a big Kelly Ripa fan after not being so sure in the beginning. Like you Jenn, I am TOTALLY bummed that Anderson didn’t participate more. I understand he was probably embarrassed but like you said, he should just lighten up a bit and have fun with it. Nevertheless, I think Kelly handled it beautifully!

    Did I mention these moves are wonderful?!!

    Great post as usual girls!

  6. Hey, thanks for this! At least someone else is noticing Kelly for all her greatness. I didn’t at first like her, but now… she is one determined lady! Cheers!