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No Skirting the Issue Here

As an avid tennis player and a member of corporate America (day job, people, DAY JOB), I’m used to wearing skirts. And, in general, I’m a fan of them, especially in the summer where you can throw on a long flowy one and lay in the grass while sipping chardonnay and having David Beckham feed you grapes and rub your feet… Er, sorry, I just ventured into my own personal happy place.

Back to the point: skirts can be nice. And they’re not just for the tennis court or office anymore. Women in all sports are donning them and not just to look cute (although for many—including me—that’s a pretty good reason). Some of these skirts claim to even enhance performance. I recently bought this number from the Fit Bottomed Girls’ favorite store: Target.

I have no idea why she’s on her toes in that pic, and I assure you that on a regular non-model (ahem, me) it looks quite cute. Under the skirt are shorts, so I guess technically I should be calling this a—warning! 80s flashback—skort. Oh skort, lovely, lovely skort, how I love your convenience and coverage!

My time with my skort has been glorious thus far, and I plan on buying a few more. The shorts don’t ride, the skirt never flies up and the waistband stays in just the right place, striking a perfect balance of keeping the fit bottom covered without making you resemble Steve Urkel.

What, what’s that you say? That the skort is sooo terribly 80s? Nope, no fashion faux pas here. Numerous professional runners have started training and competing in them, the NY Times recently did a fashion slideshow on these skorty numbers and even men, particularly Scottish men, are getting in on the trend. Yes, indeed, the skirts have it. —Jenn

Photo grabbed from www.target.com.

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  1. Erica says:

    Yes! I love the Target Skort! I purchased one and wear it sometimes when I teach Body Step! However, I will not wear it during kick boxing- too many high leg motions make you look un lady like 😉

  2. Crabby McSlacker says:

    I am so NOT a skirt person, being a lifelong tomboy, but I’m glad that girlier girls than I can find them at Target–I’m all for fashion on a budget. (Well, the budget part anyway. The fashion part continues to elude me).

  3. tfh says:

    I’ve never been one to much worry about how I look running, but…I want that skort! Even though I hate the word skort. And the ones I’ve seen at running stores are expensive. I just hope that Target version has at least one pocket…

  4. Jenn says:

    The one I have from Target doesn’t have regular pockets on the outside, but it does have a tiny one on the inside which is perfect for a key.

    However, Target sells a few skort variations and they’re always adding to the Champion line (hurray!), so you just never know!

  5. Cynthia says:

    I’ll say it, I LOVE skorts! The idea that I can be as active as I want to be while not having to worry about my skirt flying up and showing my… well, you know, is awesome!! Plus, they’re so cute!

  6. every gym's nightmare says:

    a client of mine wore one of those in the other day. she said she liked it because (well, first because it was adorable)but you get the freedom of wearing spandex without feeling over exposed.

    hers was just black, so it wasnt as cute as yours.


  7. Rachel says:

    I am an avid runner in skirts. Although I don’t have the target one. I have some serious quads and those shorts in the target ones ride up for me which causes chaffing. My favs at the moment are the skirts offered by http://www.skirtgoddess.com or http://www.skirtsports.com.

    I also enjoyed your writing! Keep it up.

  8. Jenn says:

    Skirt Goddess…what a fantastic name! Cute site, too!

  9. Angie Schumacher says:

    Ok…this is me..running to target to get one of those skorts!! Thanks for the heads up!

  10. Mark Salinas says:

    Nice skirt? 🙂

  11. Jenn says:

    Mark — You know you want one!

  12. Richaard says:

    While I can say on girls they are cute, they are also very comfortable for the guys. Mark if you get one I will go running with you. I have even gotten a few (+)comments from the ladies. NYTimes even had an article about the guys beginning to wear running skirts. I do get a lot more (+)comments when I wear my sarongs tho. If you remember 30-40 years ago thre ladie cross-dressed for the freedom to be able to wear pants. I also demand the freedom to chose what I want to wear.

  13. Live Well says:

    I love it!!!

  14. determinedtobefit says:

    I absolutely love them – especially for running. The rise of skorts are actually the cover story on this months issue of Runner’s World actually! The whole shorts riding up issue is worth the cost for me. I have thick thighs so shorts invariably end up riding up as I run. I’ll have to try on the Target ones. Their first generation version wasn’t all that flattering on me. I have a few Nike ones that I love.

  15. Leslie says:

    So cute! I want one! Would be nice to go from the gym to the grocery store without having to change.

  16. Courtney says:

    NO WAY! Great minds think alike. I just bought the very same skort this weekend, and took it for a spin on my run yesterday and worked great! Sometimes those compression shorts are none too comfy, but these ones stayed put in even the most humid of conditions. LOVE!

  17. christine says:

    I love running in skirts, but the ones with shorts all ride up underneath. I recommend trying one with just a brief underneath. nice and cool on hot summer days too.

  18. love to run in skirts it’s more comfortable

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