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If We Took a Holiday…

Yesterday, with your help, the Fit Bottomed Girls celebrated More Herbs, Less Salt Day. And, although I spent half of my Friday afternoon watching Salt-N-Pepa music videos from the early 90s, I have to admit that it was a pretty ridiculous holiday (especially since there’s a real holiday on Monday). I mean, really, who comes up with this stuff? And then it dawned on me, anyone can. It may not be “official” to the rest of the world, but I think the collective Fit Bottomed Girls/Boys around the world (and there are a lot of fine, fine fit bottomed girls/boys out there!) can come up with a better holiday than Fight Procrastination Day (Sept. 6, don’t put it off, by the way).

So, tell us, what “holiday” would you like to celebrate? I, for one, could go for a Push It Day. As in we all dress up in old clothes from the early 90s and break out in spontaneous choreographed dance whenever Salt-N-Pepa’s song “Push It” comes on the radio (which would happen often because it’s Push It Day).

Whoever comments or e-mails us at contact@fitbottomedgirls.com with the funniest faux holiday ideas will receive something a little special for their efforts. You have until Tuesday at 10 p.m. Eastern to comment, and everyone from across the globe is eligible, so get ’em in! Three winners will be announced next week after a very democratic process involving me, Erin, a long-distance phone call and a bottle of wine. —Jenn


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  1. Marcy says:

    Ooohhhhh man I’ve gotta think about this HAHAHAHHAAA

  2. Tish says:

    i’m not as clever as you guys are!!! waaaaa, can’t the holiday be “tishy gets a bottle of wine, feels guilty and therefore now must work out”day?

  3. Live Well says:

    I sent you an email…

  4. WeightingGame says:

    “Push It” is great – but Shoop is my ultimate song to sing when I’m running and think I can’t make it another few minutes. Just gotta sing a few bars “can I get some fried with that shake, shake booty?” and I can get through!

  5. Jade says:

    Well-going along with the 80’s/90’s flashback themes here…i propose National Ice Ice Baby Day. You could “stop. collaborate and listen” by making a variety of healthy flavor-infused ice cubes to jazz up your fav. beverage all while dancing around (and burning cal’s) to some Vanilla Ice 🙂

  6. Crabby McSlacker says:

    Hmm… How about National Defrost Your Freezer Day?

    Sure, at first glance it sounds like one of those virtuous boring holidays where you have to do an ugly chore.

    But it’s actually celebrated by throwing all the freezer-burned frozen vegetables that are making you feel guilty in the trash, and by consuming pizza, tacquitos, and all the ice cream you can eat before it melts.

    And you could even combine it with jade’s Ice Ice Baby day so it had it’s own theme song.

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