Have Hungry Girl Answer Your Burning Questions!

Hello, fit bottomed girls and boys! We have the privilege of interviewing the wonderful and tasty low-cal food cooking guru, Lisa Lillien, more commonly known as Hungry Girl. Erin and I have both been fans of HG for a looong time (for proof see here and here), and we’re thrilled to chat with her. However, when we sat down to brainstorm questions, we thought it was just too selfish of us to pick all the questions, so we’re turning the job over to you. What would you ask Hungry Girl? Comment with your questions below or e-mail them to us at contact@fitbottomedgirls.com. We’ll pick five of them, and fire away!

And if this wasn’t enough excitement for you on a Thursday afternoon, don’t forget about the free one-year subscription to Go Trybe that we’re giving away. E-mail us or comment below about how you’d use the site, and we’ll enter you to win. —Jenn



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