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Posh: Nike Gear

So you know how a few weeks ago we promised a proper Nike gear round-up review? Well, my lovelies, that day has come. Today we’re reviewing a Nike gym bag, pair of running shoes and a sports bra. Nike gave us all the gear to try, but no sponsorship here, so you’re getting the real dealio. So pull up a chair for this multi-FBG post (Erin, Tish and Jenn writing in the house!) and get ready for the gear wrap-up!

IMG01129Bag Lady

I’ve noticed two types of women in the gym world: The first type wears cute matchy-matchy outfits, complete with matching shoe. She sweats strategically and cute and looks like a rosy-cheeked elf post workout. The other type of gal rocks old college sweatshirts. She cares not what color her shoe is, but rather what color her face will be after moving up a notch in weights. (My face turns purple, then green. It’s swell.)

Nike apparently thought the great divide between fashionista and sweatanista was whackanista and came up with a product to marry the two. I give thee The Monica. It’s shocking, but I now rock a rather adorable and, might I add, stylish gym bag called The Monica. Given to me for my Nike workout, the bag held all the goodies I’d need in order to battle the workout demons. It now battles my LA workout demons. I am quite taken with The Monica. (I dig that it has a name. Can you tell?) The Monica has room for your shoes, little odds and ends, clothes and the unmentionables that make boys squirm and throw up in their mouths a little. It inspires the mess out of me. It makes me want to work harder, and I have since used the bag to get me from home to work to gym and back. In fact, the bag even inspired the woman who takes my coffee order every morning to want to get into the gym. It’s that snazzy. The only part I wish I could bag is its lack of towel space. If you usually bring your whole bathroom to the gym, this one ain’t for you, pumpkin. —Tish

To the Moon!

366645_761_Profile (1)For my recent trip to San Fran to run the Nike Half Marathon and check out their sweet gear, I was given the Nike LunarGlide+ to try. At first, I was skeptical. This shoe, Nike says, pleased both runners who liked cushion AND those who liked stability. Traditionally, those two adjectives in running shoes do not compute. But with something called “dynamic support” (sounds fancy, huh?), the shoe does both, even adjusting during a run.

Don’t worry, when I first heard it, I didn’t believe it either. But, I’ve been running in these puppies for more than a month now, and I have to say that I love them. They really do provide a lot of cushion plus stability for both my short and long runs. Amazing. My only complaint is that the pair I received is BRIGHT RED and LOUD BLUE. Yes, color should have nothing to do with this review, but damn if they don’t make my legs look white. —Jenn

Purple Power

NikeBraOf the three Nike products, the sports bra may not be the most exciting, and for that I apologize. But the sports bra is like an undercover agent, working feverishly to keep you supported, but asking little in return. This particular sports bra, the New Dedication Short Airborn sports bra ($38) is especially perfect. The moisture-wicking fabric is soft, not stiff like some undergarments. The mesh-like fabric on the sides and back is really breathable, and the cloth underwire offers additional support (not that I need it). It didn’t bind or make me feel claustrophobic like some bras do. And there is also the teeniest, tiniest pocket for a key on the inside, right underneath the Nike swoosh, that’s perfect for a piece of gum or more practically, a key.  —Erin

And there you have it. In the coming months, expect more fitness apparel round-ups from other poshtastic name brands!

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