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♪ FitHits: Reader Choice Edition Vol. 2

40min585I love our readers. They come in different sizes, shapes, backgrounds and musical tastes. But they all rock. And they are all Fit Bottomed Girls (declare your FBG status here!). We recently polled our readers on Twitter and Facebook for their fave workout tunes for the second edition of Reader Choice FitHits (see Volume 1 here), and here is the eclectic 40-minute result! There’s a little bit country, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll and a whole lot in between!

Reader Fave Workout Begins!

    1. (5:19) Jai Ho, Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack: This song is from one of my favorite movies of all time. Even if you haven’t seen the movie, this Bollywood-esque track will get you moving. It’s a perfect way to start a workout with some serious pep! And it’s the perfect length for a warm-up. Victory to thee! (That’s what Jai Ho stands for!)
    2. (2:32) Ladybug, Presidents of the United States of America: Off the reader-submitted album “These are Good Times People,” there’s no way you can take this song seriously, but really have you ever taken anything seriously from the Presidents of the United States of America? And isn’t that what makes them so great? This song is right up there with “Dune Buggy,” in my humble opinion. And it’s the perfect track to pick your pace up to. And giggle at.
    3. (4:48) I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’, Scissor Sisters: This throwback to the Bee Gees band is uber fun and puts out some fun tunes to sweat to. If you don’t feel like dancin’, this is the perfect song for an easier workout or as a recovery period during intervals!
    4. (3:25) Bulletproof, La Roux: I had never heard of this song or this band, but such a fun new find! It’s dance-y and electronica-y and oh-so fun. Plus, you can sing along and say that you’re bulletproof. Save this puppy for the midway point in your workout when you’re looking for a pick-me-up to make the last half as strong as the first!
    5. (5:24) Pump Up The Jam, Technotronic: This is a 90s arena rock standby and with good reason. Talk about something to get pumped up about! And it’s almost five and a half minutes, so it’s perfect for a gradual incline in intensity. Just try not to sing along at the gym too loudly.
    6. (3:15) Sexy Bitch, David Guetta and featuring Akon: This was a new one for me, too, but so glad a reader suggested it. This track is fun! And makes me giggle. The lyrics are by no means profound, but it does make you feel like a sexy bitch, and I mean that in the best way possible.
    7. (3:44) How Bad Do You Want It? Tim McGraw: This is a track for you country fans out there! This song is all about dedication and what it takes to reach your goals, so think about how bad you want it while you push up that incline or resistance!
    8. (3:20) TiK ToK, Ke$ha: I tried really, really hard to not like this song. I mean come on. Look at her name and the name of the song. It’s got one-hit-wonder written all over it. The lyrics are lame, and she sounds pained or at best special (and not in the “I got a gold star” way). But one day I got it in my head, and it wouldn’t come out! And then I downloaded the song. Oopsies. And, darn, if it isn’t great to work out to! Stay at a medium-hard pace the whole time!
    9. (3:51) Let it Rock, Kevin Rudolf: I didn’t know this song by name, but once the beat starting bumpin’ I recognized its catchy and energizing beat. We chose this as the final song of the workout because it’s guaranteed to get you moving. So pick up that pace and LET IT ROCK for this final push.
    10. (4:59) Dead and Gone, T.I featuring Justin Timberlake: Anything “JustinTimberLizzake” does is good for this blogger’s playlist. We’d have to agree too. Even in this song that’s perfect for cooling down—and life change—you want to move.

Thanks for all of the great song suggestions guys! You’re keeping us motivated with all the great new tunes! Click here to download the playlist on iTunes!Jenn

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  1. rita says:

    I am going to admit that I haven’t heard a single one of these (well, I did see slumdog millionaire, but fell asleep in the theater…) but I’ve never been a huge fan of pop music. Except, now, Lady Gaga. No Lady Gaga?!! Whaaaaaaat?! 😉

  2. Jennifer says:

    I haven’t heard any of these either — but your Best of 2009 was the perfect accompaniment to my bada$$ elliptical-with-hand-weights workout, so I’m gonna download the playlist — no matter whether they are three sentences up or three sentences down

  3. Sagan says:

    Thanks for sharing this playlist! There’s a ton on here that I’ve never heard of. Always good to expand the music library.

  4. Jai Ho is on my itunes and it gets me moving! I have to workout to those songs that push you and motivate you and get you moving!! Great post!!


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