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A Marathon from the Sidelines


It’s been over three months since Jenn and I completed our first marathon, but I swear I’m still riding the runner’s high. Every bit of that experience screamed triumphant bliss. I can still remember how easy it was to run those first 13 miles, how cold my legs were and how awesome it was to see gals in the crowd holding out signs for us. Seeing your name on a sign, hearing your name being called…well,  it just about gives you the perfect adrenaline rush to keep, keep, keeping on.

This one caused quite a few laughs and cheers. Some even picked up the pace...Motivation!

This one caused quite a few laughs and cheers. Some even picked up the pace…Motivation!

The race may be over, but those memories are lodged in my noggin forever. After I returned home from Orlando, I made a vow to return the love to folks running the LA Marathon. I would have done it for complete strangers because complete strangers along the run did it for me, but I really, REALLY wanted to make a sign. Lucky for me, I actually knew someone running. (I’d like to thank runner Trent for allowing me to make signs and act like a complete nut for him.)A bud and I made our signs and got to the 22 mile marker around 8:30 a.m. to catch the elite runners and see if we could see anyone else from LA we knew (or had seen on TV).

Even though Trent was my reason for going out, it didn’t stop us from cheering for oodles of folks who ran by. It was addictive. You feel like you’re really helping them take that extra step and finish those last 4 miles.After two hours of rooting runners on, I had just about lost  my voice, but it was worth it!

Marathon runner

Trent recognizes his fans.

After a couple of hours, we saw Trent come up the street. I was so excited I almost peed in my Nikes.  I dropped my signs and ran with him for a bit. (I figured it was the best support I could give.)The guy made me proud; I couldn’t help it.He finished the race in 5 hours and 10 minutes and hopefully now feels like a running rockstar. That first marathon changes you, after all.

Being among runners woke my legs and heart back up. It’s been a couple of months since I’ve pushed myself for the love of sweat. But after cheering others on, I was inspired enough to pull back out the running gear and hit the treadmill. I’ve learned it’s not about the distance. It’s not about the calories burned. It’s about heart. It’s knowing you’re pushing yourself and your body for the love of feeling fit.


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