6 Tips to Stick That New Year’s Resolution


A few weeks ago, we met and fell in love with the FitKit. The FitKit is like a home gym that fits in your hands. The kit includes an exercise band, jump rope, resistance tube, pedometer, reflective arm band, access to tons of exercise moves and more. It pretty much rocks, and we now recommend it to anyone who says they can’t afford to get fit, as it’s just under $40.

Recently FitKit co-founder Amie Hoff shared some New Year’s resolutions tips that we just had to share. So here they are—and here’s to a healthy and happy New Year!

6 Tips to Stick that New Year’s Resolution

On January 1 people resolve to get fit and healthy. By February most will have already failed…but not this year! Whether you’re just starting out on a fitness plan or taking one to a new level, here are some tips to set and maintain healthy goals that you can actually reach.

1. Make a plan for success. Any successful venture requires a plan that describes its mission and specifics on how to achieve it. Without one, you have no idea where you’re starting from, going, how you’ll get there—or worse, where you’ll end up.

2. Set realistic goals and break them down. Be honest with yourself and set realistic expectations. If your goals aren’t practical, you’ll get frustrated and be more likely to quit. While looking like a supermodel would be great, the reality of that feat could be setting you up for failure. Take baby steps: Breaking your fitness goals down can make the end-result less intimidating. It’s best to think both long and short term. Setting several smaller goals to achieve throughout the year will be easier to attain, and with each new success you will become more motivated. (Try joining our January 2011 challenge!)

3. Permanence fuels success. Write it down—in ink. If you keep a journal and put your specific plan on paper, you’ll have a greater sense of commitment, stay focused and feel more in control. Taking the time to write about your daily and weekly successes will help motivate you during the hard times. Also be sure to schedule your daily and weekly sessions so that you’ll be less likely to miss a workout.

4. Don’t go it alone. Everyone needs help, especially when it comes to fitness. Ask friends and family for support.A personal trainer can help set goals, start a program, lend motivation and give advice. Group fitness classes are great for those who need encouragement and support of others. Finding a buddy with similar goals is a great way to achieve goals, too—not to mention you have someone to hold you accountable!

5. Spice it up. Don’t be afraid to try something new. A variety of activities will keep things exciting and change the way your body works. Try a new cardio machine or power-walking outside. It’s winter, so how about snowshoeing or cross-country skiing?

6. Reward yourself. For every mini-goal you reach, be sure to celebrate—you deserve it! A massage, a new outfit, a vacation or a night on the town to show off your new body are all ways to reward a job well done. And be sure to have a special reward in mind for when you reach your final destination!

A big thanks to Annie for the great tips! —Jenn

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