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5 Tips for Staying Hydrated in the Heat


Good gosh, it’s sweltering outside. We all know that when the temps reach a fever-pitch during the dog days of summer, it’s better to move the workout indoors, but what if you have to be outside, even for just a little bit? How do you stay hydrated during your workout? Follow these summer hydration tips from Life Fitness to avoid suffering from dehydration during your next workout.

5 Summer Hydration Tips for Workouts

1. Know the signs. How can you tell if your body is well-hydrated? If your urine is pale, and you require a restroom break at least six times a day, you are probably doing a good job.

2. Get a head start on hydration. If you are an early morning exerciser, keep in mind that your body is already in a somewhat dehydrated state when you wake up. Be sure to drink at least 8 ounces of water before you begin your workout.

3. Stay hydrated with water during moderate exercise. For a moderate hour-long workout, you should consume 4 to 6 ounces of water for every 15 minutes of exercise. If your taste buds need a change of pace every so often, seek out a low-calorie sports drink or sugar-free flavored water option—or add a slice or two of lemon or lime to your water bottle.

4. Consider drinking a sports drink. If you exercise for longer than 60 minutes at a high intensity, or you work out in extreme conditions, consider using a sports drink during and after your workout to replenish your body with the fluid, nutrients and electrolytes it requires. There is a true science behind fluid replacement during exercise, and sports drinks are formulated to meet the needs of athletes.

5. Beware of energy drinks. Popular energy drinks are very different from sports drinks. They are full of caffeine and sugar, and can be dehydrating instead of thirst-quenching.

How are you staying hydrated and cool out there? —Jenn


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  1. Mac says:

    A US Army combat medic told me to drink 1 part sports drink with four parts water in order to avoid dehydration. He explained that the sports drink helped my body maintain the hydrating effects of the water.

  2. Laura SP says:

    I just read on a Runner’s World blog that a little bit of salt in your pre run drink will help you retain water while you are out in the heat. I tried it out on my 9 mile run on Saturday in Denver, CO. I can’t tell you if it helped or not but it didn’t seem to have any other affects. I plan to do this before each run during the heat of the summer.

  3. Patti Muder says:

    I am a cashier How can I get my 64oz of water a day or even stay Hydrated. I can not even keep water at my register.

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