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Another Reason We’re Having a Glass of Wine Tonight

Red Wine Pouring with splashes into wine glass

You guys know how I feel about wine, so when I heard that a new study found that wine might act as liquid sunscreen, I was about ready to bust out a bottle with lunch. (For the record, I didn’t.)

Published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, scientists found that the flavonoids in wine grapes can stop the chemical reaction in the skin that causes cells to die (AKA skin damage) when hit by UV rays from the sun. While more research is needed (isn’t it always?), the researchers think wine—particularly the red stuff—could help prevent sunburn and even skin cancer. The new research adds to wine’s growing body of research that it’s pretty much awesome. The health benefits of wine range from improving heart health to helping you live longer. Plus, did I mention it tastes good?

While I’m sure skin-care companies are already all over this new finding, no one should give up her sunscreen altogether. Nor is it reason to drink copious amounts of shiraz. Say it with me now: “All good things in moderation!” —Jenn

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