My Fitness Truths: FBG Jenn

Fitness truth: Kettlebells can be fun. Credit: The Fit Pit

This week on Fit Bottomed Girls, as a special part of Back to Basics Week, each FBG will share her health and fitness truths—truths that resonate with each of us as we’re working out and living our day-to-day lives. Today, FBG Jenn shares her truths on lifting heavy weights and loving her veggies.

Don’t call me a fitness freak. The only thing freaky about me is my unlimited desire and passion for getting YOU healthier and happier.

My hands may be calloused, hard and unsightly from doing so many pull-ups, but my delts are strong enough to make it more than worth it.

The number on the scale isn’t what drives me. The number of push-ups I can do on my toes does.

Yes, I really do crave kale.

You call me a health nut. I think you’re nutters for watching life from the sidelines.

You think it’s crazy that my favorite meal—above all other foods—is a good, fresh taco salad. Why the freak would I lie about that?!

Don’t tell me I look skinny. The biggest compliment you can give me is to tell me I am strong.

To me, being sore every now and again is a good thing. A really good thing.

You think I’ve cut out most dairy from my diet to drop pounds. Think again. When I eat too much cheese I don’t poop right for a week. There, I said it.

I eat a lot some days and a little other days. Onion rings and beer one night, kale and salmon the next. It’s not a diet—it’s intuitive.

My calves may not fit into most cute boots, but, for me, strong legs beat fashion trends.

Time to spill your fitness truths! Whether it’s on your blog or in the comments below, share ’em with the world! —Jenn


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  1. oh, I love this, you speak my heart! thank you for writing this, I will do the same on my blog! btw, I thought I was the only one with too big calves for boots and I CRAVE salad!

  2. I wish the fashion industry would cater a little more to people like us. My calves have always been too big for boots.

  3. just wanted to say, I’ve been following FBG tweets and honestly, never paid much attention. hadn’t visited the site til today! i’m reading all of the girls “fitness truths” and love that you’re putting “mainstream media” to shame. all the celeb diets and DVD’s and junk that people nowadays are STILL LISTENING TO drives me bonkers.

    i’m a mom of 2, a sports performance coach and competitive (once ranked #1) powerlifter. and i wouldn’t have it any other way!

  4. Jenn,

    I love how empowering this is for a woman to perceive her body and fitness in this way! most of my Personal Training clients here in Northern Virginia are women, and I feel as though a lot – if not too many, worry about the number itself on the scale, which as you pointed out can be quite irrelevant. Great mentality, keep working towards your fitness goals!