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Finding Your Inner Greek Goddess with the Technogym Kinesis Personal

technogymWhen I think of the Greeks, I think of chiseled men running around Athens in togas or Brad Pitt as Achilles in Troy…just think about it. Yeah, that’s a beautiful thought. So with my daydreams clouding my thoughts, I couldn’t help but wonder if Technogym’s new exercise equipment—which was named after the Greek word “Kinesis” for simple movement or motion—was going to bring about the Greek goddess within me.

I couldn’t wait to play with the Kinesis Personal machine, so I hopped in my NYC yellow chariot (or cab) and headed to Technogym’s new showroom to meet celebrity personal trainer Marcus Eave. Eave, who has used the Kinesis Personal with his own clients, offered to show me the uniqueness of the product. As soon as I arrived at the showroom, I noticed the different colors and styles of the Kinesis machines that lined the wall. There were units of gold, mirror and leather finishes, and each one was like a piece of art. Definitely not your usual clunky looking fitness equipment. And then we headed downstairs so I could experience the Kinesis for myself.

If I had to describe the Kinesis in two words, they’d be mobility and freedom. The Kinesis Personal is designed to be multipurpose and includes three hand-grip positions, allowing for more than 200 different exercises. Each cable returns you to the natural origins of human movement and gives you an incredible workout. We spent 30 minutes lunging, pressing and gliding through exercises—back and forth, and up and down, to challenge my body with balance, endurance, strength and flexibility work. With each cable pulley mimicking the natural rotation of the human shoulder, my muscles were pushed and pulled in every darn direction.

The Kinesis Personal is made for use in homes, offices, hotels and spas, providing Technogym’s patented “Fullgravity” design. This special design allows for resistance in every plane of movement. The equipment is definitely one-of-a-kind, and, unfortunately, so are the prices. The machine costs a whopping $10,000! Hold on—don’t stop reading yet. The Kinesis Personal may be expensive, but it’s an all-inclusive workout machine. You won’t need other machines and enormous amounts of space.

So if you’re willing to splurge a little (okay, a lot) and make a good investment for your health and well-being, then this is a solid option. If not, there are some hotels and gyms that offer the equipment to their clients. (If you’re in New York City, you can even check out the Technogym store.) Who knows, the Kinesis Personal might be the key to awakening that Greek goddess within you.

Have you ever tried any of Technogym’s products? What did you think? Worthy of the steep price tag?—Raquel

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  1. Giulia says:

    Hi Jenn
    I’m Giulia from Technogym!
    Many Thanks for your article.
    If you are interested in Kinesis Training, plaese visit our Kinesis Community, both for trainers and end-users. You will find a lot of information – video, photos, articles and training programs – to train with Kinesis.
    Then, you will find all the clubs all around the world the offer Kinesis equipment: http://wekinesis.com/en/kinesis-finder
    Last by not the least: have a look at Joshua Holland Interview at Technogym Showroom in NYC: http://wekinesis.com/en/learn/videos/joshua-holland-trains-with-kinesis
    For any other info, please contact me!
    Thxxxx Giulia

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