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Reality TV Actually Worth Watching: Chelsea Settles

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It’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship!

For the first time in YEARS I can proudly and honestly admit to watching MTV reality programming. Gasp! The show, Chelsea Settles, features a young woman who’s moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams and find her backbone. I love her spirit and her honesty…and the actual truth she brings to the screen. What?! A reality TV star spitting truth? Uncanny!

She’s especially honest and raw when it comes to her battle with her health. In the 5th episode she meets her trainer, Angela Parker, for the first time and they have this totally emotional and beautiful moment. Angela asks her to journal, instructing Chelsea to write a commitment to herself on the first page. Angela stresses to Chelsea to write the commitment from a place in herself that doesn’t have any judgment, a place that completely loves Chelsea and doesn’t care what size she is. She has to write from that Chelsea to the other one. She finishes by telling Chelsea her own self is going to show her how to get through it. (Tears!)

I love seeing women encouraging, loving and supporting other women through this crazy health journey we all have to take. We’re all in this for our own reasons, but whether you’re a size four or a size 14, you can relate to the struggle. Being healthy and fit takes cognizant discipline.

I find myself wanting to hug Chelsea after each episode. I admire her courage and her willingness to run a 5K and jog up Runyon Canyon! We all know what happened when I went there. I totally recommend catching an episode and coming back here and telling me what you think. I’m about to start a campaign to make Chelsea the next Fit Bottomed Girl of the Year.

Who’s with me!? —Tish

P.S. Totally fun fact: Chelsea goes to the gym I visited a while back in Santa Monica. Small world!



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