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Vacation (and Time!), All I Ever Wanted

Credit: Kristen Seymour

A hundred years ago, just before my husband and I went on our honeymoon in the Bahamas, I had an interesting chat with my friend and trainer, Fitz. She was giving me workouts to do while I was away, and I was questioning how I was going to fit the long runs in between piña coladas. At that point, she gave me possibly the best vacation advice ever:

“You’re on vacation. You have all the time in the world. The days you miss workouts are the days that life gets out of control—you stay late at work, you have to get home to let out the dog, you’ve made plans to meet a friend for drinks. On vacation, you get to make your schedule, so why not build a schedule around your workouts now that you truly have time?”

So, I’m currently on vacation—on a cruise ship, actually—and I know everyone worries about weight gain when faced with round-the-clock all-you-can-eat buffets and room service and midnight dessert tables, but you know what? I will create my schedule around my workouts. I have several long-ish runs planned, which I’ll probably do on the treadmill overlooking the ocean, but maybe I’ll do a few laps around the ship, or even bring my running shoes with me to the beach for a refreshing jog after some snorkeling. And I know me—when I keep my workouts on track, it’s easier to keep my eating habits under control. I don’t want to ruin all my hard work!

Besides, if you think about it, bountiful buffets don’t have to be an enemy—I love snacking on fresh fruit and crunchy veggies, so whenever I find myself wandering into the food area, I’ll just make a point to fill most of my plate with healthful options…while leaving a bit of room for a treat or two, of course.

If I promise to have a poolside margarita for you, will you tell me how you approach vacations? Do you see it as a time to let loose or as an opportunity to make every workout count? —Kristen

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