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Tips for Twin Moms, from Twin Moms: Part 1

Tips for Feeding and Breastfeeding Multiples

twin babies

They may look alike, but twin moms relish the differences! Credit: surlygirl

I breastfed for 8 months exactly. A twin breastfeeding pillow helped a great deal in cutting the time and giving you more time between feedings. Boppys also help in holding the baby in an elevated position between burping. —Margie

Breastfeed with the double-football hold. You do not have time to breastfeed one at a time. Get them on the same sleep schedule. Have hubby help you get them changed and into nursing position and then he can go back to bed. Have them sleep close to each other in the same crib for the first couple of months. —Rachel B.

I didn’t breastfeed, but I pumped breast milk. Being in NICU they were fed via feeding tube at first and then bottle. To avoid nipple confusion and to have help with feedings, I pumped breast milk for 6 weeks and then went to all formula. —Jennifer P.

On Letting Them Be Individuals

I read books about children in general because even though they are twins, they are still two different people and have different personalities, likes, dislikes, so I treat them like they are different children not just twins. But it is amazing to see how they alike they are! —Jennifer P.

My girls are Renee and Claire. Don’t name them rhyming or cutesy names with the same initials. They were born the same minute, so we have NEVER told anyone who is older. They will never know. We don’t play that game. “Who’s older?” Give me a break! They are the same age! —Rachel B.

I never refer to them as “the twins.” And if not “Claire and Renee” then just “the girls.” —Rachel B.

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